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Summer Holiday 2003

Briefly… Wayhey! Great holiday! Oh yes sir! smiley icon: smile smiley icon: smile smiley icon: smile
In detail… We set off at 3:10am last Monday (11th) and it took us 6hrs to get to the first campsite, we got on no problem at all. It was an OK site but had a few weird people around and the showers could have done with being cleaned a little more often, but otherwise it was fine. Tom and Ben were already there waiting, the little pioneers! smiley icon: wink
Most of the time we were there (three nights) Mike and myself were with John and Carmel during the day, touring around and sight seeing while Ben, Tom, Matt and Kath did their own day time activities. There was a small beach walking distance from the campsite where we spent a few hours in the evenings. One night everyone but myself went to the pub, which i am told was all good. Tom asked a barmaid for her number but ‘got shot down’. Respect for trying dude! Her loss! smiley icon: laugh
It turned out there was some naff live disco event going on from 10-12 at night, which was naff because it kept people awake. Not me though, i can sleep to hard house/metal/rock etc. I slept fine. :lol John for some obscure crazy reason must have cooked at least three proper meals, i’m talking steak and such for Carmel and himself to enjoy romantically. With table, candle and desserts. That’s quite a feat when camping people! :jawdrop

Moving to the next campsite made Carmel much happier, it was cleaner and had a far better view, though there was initial difficulty getting on the site. Ben and Tom also had something of an incident when the site owner went kinda crazy having seen a semi-drunk Tom stroking his cat at 11:30pm. Talk about crazy reactions to stuff.
Anyway, Polruan was very nice, and Ben got the number of a barmaid there…nice one dude. smiley icon: wink I loved Fowey, which was just the other side of the estuary. It looked beautiful, the weather was great, and there were very good looking women everywhere. The ferry across was fun, but the last one back being 11pm was frustrating. It’s a place i would like to live if the canadian mountain log cabin dream falls through. smiley icon: smile Last night Mike and myself were there we all went on a drink session and two of John’s RAF mates joined us. More detail when site gets re-done

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