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Yesterday the car went into the garage to get the ABS fixed in time for our holiday. Fortunately it turned out to be a faulty switch and two broken bulbs! Which is a heck of a lot cheaper than the ABS unit/sensors having gone. After getting home i tried putting the JBL front speakers in my car…the front speakers are now in thanks to Chris and Pies, who’s ’shove it in’ methodology and accompanying toolkits were both things i lack. Frankly i’m amazed i managed to get the door panels off on my own without becoming a gibbering wreck of nerves as i mutilated the car.
The wallet i’d somehow lost and thought Pies must have been hiding (due to his leg pulling and grinning) turned up on the floor of the Peugot. Black wallet, black interior and tinted windows meant i hadn’t seen it until i got IN the car. My apologies to Pies. smiley icon: worry
Possible activities for today (another day off would you believe?) include working on the new layout for the website, filling in some forms and sending them off in the post, taking a look at my uni work, going to the hairdressers and maybe (just maybe) seeing if i can make some wooden adapters to get the 6″x9″ speakers in the back of the car. Already bought for the holiday are a gas lantern, sleeping bag, flask, mug/plate/bowl…now i just need to get towels, air-bed, pump, cleaning things etc. We appear to be organised this time! Actually, i have to book the site for me and Mike in a minute…*goes*
*returns hours later* Well, site booked, we’re goin’ on holiday! smiley icon: smile

Things i did get done today: tiny bit on new website layout, filled in forms, started uni work, fiddled with speakers with Granddad for nearly 4hrs before deciding those 6″x9″s are NOT going to fit. Ever. No matter the fiddling. smiley icon: sad
I feel less ominous floating doom now that i understand and started my uni work and got forms filled out, which means i should be able to fully enjoy this holiday.
Anyway, it’s now 9pm and i have to be up for 5:15am tomorrow for our stock take at work. smiley icon: sad So i’m off to get a drink and go to bed. Maybe i’ll listen to CD2 of ‘GodsKitchen: WorldWide’ too…

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