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anticipation of a holiday

It’s been too long since the last update of the diary, fortunately activities for the missing time can be summed up as follows:
- Work (lots of)
- Chilling out (lots of)
Job done!

The last time we did anything was going to Toothill rock again, this time with Joey and some food. We didn’t have too late a night owing to general tiredness, but it was still nice to get out into that Real World thing and breath some Real Air rather than that Pre-Breathed-By-The-Masses Shop Air.

Summer Holiday 2003 is rapidly approaching. This time hopefully Matt’s car shan’t break down stranding him at home like last year. This time it’s a lot more organised and there’s a lot more cars going. I’m driving with Mike co-piloting, Matt is driving with Kath, John is driving with Carmel, Ben is driving with one of his mates, Mike Haines is driving with Tara…it’s a fair few of us! We shall be off down Cornwall again, camping it, though this time we shall be staying on campsites much longer and not moving every night. smiley icon: smile
We have most of what we need already, i just need to get myself a flask and sleeping bag plus some ‘OK to get messy’ clothes for on the beach etc. I’m really looking forward to it and hopefully shall return so chilled out that even the muppet like madness of uni shall not faze me. smiley icon: smile
The weather has picked up again, currently it’s 30C where i am, and frankly i want a shower. This is the problem with England…humidity makes 30C pretty unbarable. Lets hope the sun holds for the holiday!
Sadly Chris, Joey, Daws, Emma and Becky aren’t joining us. Chris has a lot of freelance work to do (yay!…wierdly, though we’ll miss ya dude!) and everyone else has got jobs they can’t book holidays for. smiley icon: sad …next year people! smiley icon: smile
Tonight Mike G, Mike Helm, Chris and myself went to Toothill again, and scared ourselves with stupid horror stories and B-movie re-caps. Which was fun because of the walk back to the car in the pitch black lanes.

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