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chilled out calmness

Wahooo! It’s another diary entry! Rejoyce, for it is here! Or something along those lines…;)

Well, this last week has been one long chill-out session with inter-dispersed bits of work induced boredom and anger. A life in retail is not one for me. On a good day it’s great, knowing you’ve helped someone out, that you’ve provided a pleasent experience…when the customer leaves with a smile on their face a little wiser and a little happier than when they came in. Sometimes i even get them telling me i’m a ‘very nice young man’. One time a customer i’d been dealing with returned to the store after half an hour and told our deputy manager that she thought the staff were ‘wonderful and knew a lot’. These things make me smile and go all ‘yay’ like.
Then there are the days that drag by like that hour hand is chained to a 20 tonne anchor which is glued in place, cemented over and placed at the bottom of an ocean. It’s worse when other staff are in moods, because i tend to take so much from them and then give it back.
Anyway…work i shall not talk about, as it’s highly un-entertaining no doubt. Yes, so, this week has been chill out central. Dawson has gone underground it seems, not coming out at all the entire week. So it’s been Chris, Mike and myself on spontaneous rides out in the car and general banter. A very nice night was had at Toothill Rock in Alton, just sitting there as night drew in, looking over the valley with beer/coffee-in-a-flask and talking about all sorts, cars, engines, women, life, aliens…the usual stuff you do under a starry night sky. Similar activities have been ongoing all week, evenings at Weaver Hill and over Cheadle, doing nothing in particular. smiley icon: smile smiley icon: smile
Today was my day off and i went over to Chris’s and watched Smokey and the Bandit. A class film! after talking about stuff and getting a new headlight for my car put in. (thanks Chris). I wish i’d known there was a spare in my door tray before buying one at ££5.50 though. Doh!
Tonight is a night in, and hence a diary update!
Nothing has been decided about uni yet, though a week has passed and if i’m to do work it needs doing soon. We shall see what transpires.
Adios amigos *rides off into the night*

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