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Mental Meandering

Well, today is a welcome day off which has been spent mostly sleeping, lying about in the sun and then fiddling with the PC. Last night was a pleasant chilled out night around Chris’s with Gemma & Pies, Mike & Sue, Mike G and myself. The half planned trip to Emma’s was called off due to my tiredness - 5hrs sleep the night before (having been to see The Tree Of Evil in Alton), followed by a seriously boring yet somehow tiring 9-6shift at work…well after that, the prospect of having to drive 30min to Emmas, sit in a pub where i’d likely be something of a zombie before having to wake myself up enough to drive home wasn’t one i liked.
Anyway, it was great to be just sitting in Chris’s garden with -nothing- to do but chat inanly and burn my fingers on candle wax. That was the level of activity my brain was able to cope with, and is why i have enjoyed today so much, when all i’ve done is get up at 10:30 and then lie in the sun in my garden reading a book.
Ahhh…the simple pleasures. Tomorrow’s shift is 12 till 8:30, which is one i like…a full days pay but a lie-in in the morning still! smiley icon: smile Other than that i’ve been thinking about uni. It’s getting close to crunch time. I have work i need to do over the summer, but i’ve been putting it off because, frankly, i don’t want to do it. I don’t even want to go back to uni. This course is badly run and doesn’t teach me what i want/need to know. I went into the second year because i thought it might be better than the first. It wasn’t. So…i can either force myself to do the next year and really dislike it, or i can get me a job as a web-designer. I’ve been looking at getting a job, but frankly there appears to be nothing out there. The few i have found require 2yrs+ experience, knowledge of setting up servers and ASP/XML/JavaScript. My uni course has got me none of those things, which is another nail in the ‘matthew finishes uni’ coffin. Why complete it if the jobs i want don’t care about it? And personally, if i were an employer, i wouldn’t care about it myself.
This leaves me in a quandry…i dislike uni, i dislike the course…but finding an advertisement in order to get an interview to get a job is proving impossible. Hence my dilema…uni…or not? smiley icon: worry

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