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Pies and Dovedale

Well, yesterday was Pie’s birthday…yup, Caverick is another year older: ‘built to race, born to die’. He’s still racing at the moment…
The gathering in his honour at The Master Potter was indeed large, quite a few of the attendees i didn’t know and assume are from his Uni. We had a great laugh, though it was getting on a bit by the time i could get there, having been at work 9-6. There was a lot of chat and general fun, though the funniest part wasn’t until we left the pub and the drink finally hit The Boy Pies. After his happy land staggering around and riding Dawson like a motorbike we were informed (several times) that Pies thought he may be a little drunk. Lol! The guy was slaughtered and yet somehow still in happy happy land. smiley icon: smile
Yet even in his drunken state he could -still- manage to persuade a closed Pizzaria to make him a Pizza! The guy is pure charm. Or just big enough to make arguing not worthwhile. Or both. smiley icon: wink
We trust he had a good night once we dropped him off…poor Gemma looking after him! :lol

Today i had the day off, which was very nice indeed, so Mike and myself decided we’d go off to visit Matt and maybe go Dovedale for a walk again. Daws and Chris were unable to join us due to fence painting and meetings respectively. smiley icon: sad We got to Matts and headed off for Dovedale in my car while Matts was in the garage (again) getting trivial stuff sorted out. Turned out a good walk, and there were ladies -everywhere-, though sadly we think 90% were too young. Ahh well! 10% weren’t! smiley icon: wink
Anyways, we managed to get as far as we did last time in under half the time, despite the incredible heat. We ended up turning back and going home after Matt got us Ice Cream (he’s a star!), then we ate all his Pizza and trundled off to pick up his motor…which got all of a mile before we had to pull into a layby and call for help…there was an air pocket in the cooling system and his motor was overheating. Once sorted we went to Mikes to watch 51st State (which is ace). Daws, Chris and Joey were elsewhere watching Smokey and the bandit, which i STILL need to see.
Good last two days! smiley icon: smile

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