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Drunk at Willoughbridge Wells

Yesterday was a very nice day as days go. Work went fairly fast for once, and after work we ended up going to visit Emma and Becky. I wasn’t driving, which means i could drink! Yay! It’s a rare occasion. The other good (read: entertaining) thing was that Chris was driving…and so was Pies. This was Pies first visit to Willoughbridge Wells, and with both him and Chris driving it meant one thing: fun! We met Pies & Daws at BP petrol station, but we got there early only to see Pies bomb past…it soon became obvious why when an Impreza went past a few seconds later. :lol
Much messing about later and i’d decided i like the Astra, it’s one loud fast bucket of bolts with nothing in it bar a pilot and optional victim. Sorry, passenger.
Having got to Willoughbridge we said hi to Emma and took a brief tour of the house to see how much had changed since last time. Quite a bit it turns out, the kitchen especially is looking spot on. After that we went to pick up Becky from work (i forget what the pub is called, but she’s barmaiding). 10:30 arrived and we all left to get to a pub which stays open longer. We had a very entertaining night, helped no doubt by Mike’s goofy dancing and Pies entertaining stories. I got a little too drunk but fortunately realised i had and therefore managed to keep my mouth shut and not make a total fool of myself. Emma and Becky seemed quite chatty, and it was nice to have a proper talk with them, especially as it’s been a fair while since i last saw them. I caught up on things i’d missed while i’d been absent from the group recently (damn work)…Becky’s job/application for another job, what Emma is up to, etc.
We left about 1am i think, with everyone having enjoyed themselves for a change! smiley icon: smile smiley icon: smile

Tonight Matt and Kath joined Daws, Chris, Mike and myself at the Butchers Arms where we had a good chat and a beer while waiting for Joey to finish work. Again the light atmosphere prevailed and there was some fun fooling around before we got Pizza and went to Dawson’s (though Matt and Kath didn’t join us there as it was late). I’ve decided i may be slightly allergic to cat hair as my coughing and sneezing appears to happen at Dawson’s a lot more than elsewhere. Another good night! smiley icon: smile

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