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chance meetings

Wed or Thursday (i have no idea which anymore) saw Sue’s first day at work (Sue is Chris’s sister for those that don’t know), we hope she liked it! smiley icon: smile It also saw Matt, Kath, Mike and myself going for a drink at the Blacksmiths Arms in Kingsley Holt, shortly after followed by Chris and Dawson, and then followed by Laura Parry, Mike H and Tara! These people i’d not seen in aaages, Laura esp. Was a good night, esp when Matt and Mike’s selection of jukebox tunes got going! Yay to the 60’s/70’s! That was meeting #1 with people not seen in a long time.
Today arrived and what a day today turned out to be! Work was it’s usual self, boring but not all that bad really, plus there was only three and a half hours of it. Sadly i failed to get hold of a phone number i was trying to get, though John (my manager) was doing his best to help me out on it! Oh well, maybe i’ll have better luck later on in the week…
Anyway, highlight of the night was going to the Potter for a drink with Mike and Matt after they finished playing Squash. I couldn’t join them because of work, but it turned out a pleasant night, then right at the end i turned around from my table outside and caught sight of Matt Barnes! Haven’t seen him in months, so we ended up having a good 2hr+ chat, long after everyone else had left. And i mean everyone, the pub had closed and our cars were the only ones on the car park! It was great to catch up on stuff and it proved a very interesting chat on many levels too. Hopefully we’ll see him in Creation on a Monday! That was chance meeting #2 then, mid way through talking to him Stevo (Andrew Stevenson) walked right past, turned around and recognised who i was! This guy i haven’t seen since school…four or five years ago! We exchanged hi’s and astonished words, established each other were doing OK and that Kate Cullen (someone i saw in Cheadle last week who i used to go to school/college with and not actually spoken to in three years) has passed her uni degree with a first! So chuffed for her! -chance meeting #3! Than later on Goat, another guy from school not seen in 5yrs wandered over and said hi! #4! Crazy!
Hopefully will see more of them all at the Potter soon…

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