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clubbing at last

Lets pick up things from Friday night as we’ve not really done anything at all for a while, which is actually quite nice as the break from constant activity was welcome. Friday night was Lindsay’s leaving party, she’s leaving her job at Game and moving in with her boyfriend in Manchester. I drove up to meet Mike, John and Sarah at work, waited for them to finish work in the back playing Monkey Ball Jr on GBA-SP. Once everyone was ready we mosied on over to Weatherspoons, where we met everyone else. Turned out to be a good night, with everyone bar John and myself getting fairly drunk. A good laugh was had, though possibly we let it go on too long. I drove Sarah and Mike back and was home well before 1am, which wasn’t too bad.

Saturday i was at work, where Mark was ill and making sure everyone knew it via his bad mood. Sat night saw Matt, Kath, Mike, James and myself out up Creation! It was a great night, and the DJ was pretty good. He got the floor filled very fast with Garage/R&B rubbish, before breaking out into dance and hard-dance. smiley icon: smile
We got on the dancefloor about 11pm and stayed there until 1am. James and Mike were clearly loving it, and before too long manic grins were appearing, especially when old tunes with new remixs appeared. John and Carm joined us while we were on the floor to, doing some…interesting…dance moves smiley icon: wink
The rest of the group were at the Butchers Sat night, where i am told fun was had and Dawson had reason to cheer up a lot. Though i am also told Chris was less than subtle in his giving of advice to him at the end of the night… It’s looking good anyways. smiley icon: smile Finally. smiley icon: smile If it goes the way it looks like going i can clear up this little mystery in a later diary update. For now that’s all i can say really.

Today after work Matt, Kath, Mike and myself went to the Potter for a quick drink and then off to Often Hill, where we ate Pizza and chilled out before Pies, Chris and Dawson arrived in Pies ‘bought today’ Mk1 Astra race car. We lads then stalked the new arrivals, though i was the only one who wasn’t noticed before getting within 10m of them. We went home early as we were all tired. Zzzz

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