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days go by...

…and still i think of you’ *sings* *dances*
Oh…sorry! I just like that song a lot…aaaaanyways…

Err…it’s been over a week since the last entry and there’s been not a lot happening really.
There’s been the odd trip to the pub, though less than our usual amount of trips to the pub. There’s been a couple of fires in Dawson’s field, where a hole was dug, lined with bricks…hang on…i mentioned this in the last entry too? Yeah, well, there was another fire and this time Chris and Mike hunted down some pie, killed it, and then cooked it on the fire. Oh yes sir, ‘Real Men Of Genius’ *cracks open a Bud Ice*
Uum…oh! Emma and Becky moved into their house sat/sun, about two months later than originally planned.
*scrapes the barrel for more news*
The website got a new skin today (thanks to Mr Chris’s prototype), but you can already see that.
Tonight we went to The Ship and then Dawsons. There was entirely too much computer game talk and not nearly enough potato gun talk. Saturday was Johns 21st Birthday party, which was nice.
OK, i’m all out of anything to report so instead i shall waffle about some other things.
Today was the start of Wimbledon 2003. Oddly enough i really enjoy watching the tennis. ‘Why is that odd’ i hear you asking? Well, because i generally don’t like watching sport. Only tennis between two equally matched participants is really entertaining. A good rally is fun to watch, and there’s a surprising amount of thought into placing your shots. However the Men’s tend to be ’server, aced, won point’ or ’serve, returned, lost point’…which is dull, but last years Goran Ivanisavich match was -incredibly- good.
Women’s is where its at, they don’t have the power to out-gun each other and thus rallys are much more likely. Having said that there’s the Williams sisters who take that finess away by being hitting machines.
Anyways, that’s the bottom of the page i see creeping up so i shall away and watch some tennis.
Bye! smiley icon: smile

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