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Dove Dale

Whee! Both yesterday and today were good days…hence the ‘whee!’. smiley icon: smile
Yesterday even work was good, thanks to a nice American guy who was just very nice and a cheerful welcome break from the usual depressed stokies that invade the store. Put me in a good mood helping him out with DVDs (he wanted AliG stuff because you can’t get it in America. He says no one over there gets the humour, they think he’s just offensive).
Anyway, once work was over and i had some tea in me i joined Dawson, Kath, Lara (there, mentioned you!), Mike and Chris at Dawsons field, where a small fire was burning. Very pro-level fire making it was too, with a brick lined hole, fire material that lit first time, and enough heat generated to melt a can of the finest Guiness. Marshmellows were ‘toasted’ and Dawson made an un-extinguishable fire candle by lighting the bottom of a card tube. One self sustaining chimney effect candle. 12am ish Jo finished her shift at work and Chris picked her up, we then enjoyed the heat of the fire in a small gathering. smiley icon: smile Today we went to Dove Dale in the Peak District (not far from us) and had a really nice walk which i think (hope) was enjoyed by all. smiley icon: smile Mike required a little time to get ready so Chris and myself went to B&Q on the way to get Jo so Chris could indulge in a ssg sandwich. By the afternoon i was wishing i’d joined him in that food bonanza. Of one sandwich. Hey - i got hungry! (no, thats not a moan, its an observation! smiley icon: joke) After an afternoon of generally lazy wandering around we came home before picking up Dawson and going over to visit Emma and Becky at the pub-who’s-name-i-always-forget. Becky quit college today and Emma bought chrome curtain rails. Not that i’m linking the two, i’m just remembering random things is all! Anyway, i had a nice night out, which was a good end to a good day. smiley icon: smile Sadly i’m working 9-6 tomorrow, and didn’t get home till late. 1:30ish? It also turns out Mike doesn’t like Bjork: Vespertine, which we listened to on the way home: i was mortified. smiley icon: sad
Anyway, today was very nice, which did a world of good smiley icon: smile Now if only i get time to read my ‘Teach yourself to Meditate’ book too…

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