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Meh with the Meh already!

Woah, no diary entry in nearly a month! “That’s awful”, I hear you say. I totally agree, lets correct the issue by adding one now.
OK…recent events…i guess there’s been a reasonable amount done including pub-going, Pies’s return to us, Sunny days (yes, summer is nearly here!), hayfever, arguments and stuff that normal life consists of. Why have i not added an entry recently? Two reasons…a lack of time, and an ominous feeling of semi-doom hanging over my head for a while. Recently got myself another wake up call after managing to set my sights on ’self destruct’ again somehow. Fortunately Chris and Daws were (finally) able to sound alarm bells in my head, though my incredibly thick skull wasn’t helping issues. Talk about not seeing what’s right in front of you. Pointed out to you. In neon flashing lights. With your head rammed up against them. *rolleyes*
So, while there was some cause for ‘mehness’ recently i am now on a self proclaimed ‘meh banishment’ stint and have metaphorically superglued my equally metaphorical Happy Hat on my head. Anyone catching me slipping into bad habits again (argumentative, over-analytical, generally not chilling out-ness) is hereby charged with slapping me about the face and uttering the words ‘Happy Hat!’ at me. Thank you.
Other things happening in the mean time? Um…Jo and Chris are ‘official’ now, though not marriage official, just ‘going out…officially’. Outings with Emma and Becky appear to have dwindled radically, hopefully that’s a trend that will reverse soon, when everyone (me mostly i guess) has chilled out some.
Oh, we saw The Matrix Reloaded one night after work (Matt Waddy, Kath, Daws, Mike & me). Was pretty good as i wasn’t expecting anything from it.
My glasses are finally right, after about three weeks of messing about. I just need a hair cut now *looks concernedly at his style managers*

More whenever i get the urge to update… smiley icon: smile

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