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Tonight Matthew, Im a Guinnie Pig

This is the bit where i go and check the forums so i can get my dates right…*wanders off to check dates*
*returns* OK! Well, recently i have decided i need some new glasses, my current ones being about 8yrs old, and looking the very definition of ‘geek’. Chris, noticing how my general appearance seems to be the very definition of ‘geek’ suggested a whole new look for the summer. That’s something i’d being toying with for a while anyway, and so Project Matt started. Chris and his sister (Sue) set about thinking what should be changed, the immediate problem of suitable glasses being tackled one night in the pub when i tried his on. Apparently they work pretty well! smiley icon: smile
After their scouring the site the conclusion was drawn that these pictures are me at my best. It was decided this may be down to lighter hair in these pictures, and so Image Change 1 has been set - i’m getting lighter hair. The immediacy of the glasses issue meant that on Thus 15th Chris, Sue and myself went glasses shopping. smiley icon: smile Having tried on a variety of glasses at the direction of Chris and Sue it appears that the ones that work best are Chris’s ones! :lol I didn’t have time to get a prescription or the glasses however. While in hanley i called in at Game, who had offered me a job there again! smiley icon: smile After a little talk with the manager we arranged a meeting for Saturday (today) and then we went looking at clothes when Mike tagged along after finishing work. The clothes are still an open issue.

Yesterday i handed in my last piece of uni work for this semester! Massive relief! smiley icon: smile Last night the group (minus Jo Alcock, who’s at uni smiley icon: sad) went to visit Emma and Becky and go the pub. smiley icon: smile
All of which brings us to today, where i gave Mike a lift into work (once he finally woke up) and went glasses shopping with Chris again, the object being getting the ones my stylists had decided on. smiley icon: wink Of course, my luck held out and i can’t get a prescription until Monday 9:30am. Somewhat disappointing. On the plus side i now have a weekend/late nights job at Game. Unfortunately it took about 20min or so to fill in forms, so Chris was left hanging about. My apologies! Tomorrow is my ‘first day’ at work. Again. smiley icon: smile

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