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Mike&Jo, Jo&Chris and Jake

First thing to mention is that last Saturday was Mike G’s birthday! He spent the day in Birmingham with Irish Jo. smiley icon: smile *grin*. We trust he had a great day, his none-stop grin the next time we saw him certainly seemed to suggest so! lol! I’ve -still- not found an appropriate present for him, which i feel a little guilty for. Anyway, while he was with Jo having fun, the rest of us (minus Daws) ended up in Hanley shopping, though in seperate groups
Saturday night saw Jo Alcock join us at the Ship as it was her birthday on the Sunday! Pies was also in attendance, which was cool. smiley icon: smile A short comedy moment ensued at the end of the night when Chris and Jo were clearly looking for a little privacy but Emma, Becky and Daws didn’t quite pick up on it. Pies and myself retired to my car while waiting for the situation to play itself out. I think the kissing eventually made them get the hint! smiley icon: wink
Also, thursday saw my grandparents getting a new dog! He’s about 6months old, half Alsation, and the nicest cleverest dog i’ve seen! smiley icon: smile There are three photo’s of Jake in this entry. smiley icon: smile One day i can’t remember was spent driving about in Pie’s Cav, burning petrol. It was nice not having to drive, and also the comedy provided by his particular style of driving was brilliant. :lol
Other than that this last week or two has seen me finish three assignments and get them handed in. I have one more to finish (in on Fri) and then as far as i know that is that! smiley icon: smile

Tonight Dawson and myself visited Chris and stepped into his abode for the first time, there we managed to show our woeful inadequacy on a realistic driving simulator. Chris simply drifted around the whole track. Even the straight bits. From there we picked up Mike and spent the night playing Burnout 2. It’s fun when you get into it. The play mode where you have to crash causing as much insurance damage as you can is surprisingly tactical. Driving into a set peice (like some crossroads) and causing 16million of damage is harder than you’d think. :lol

And that concludes our broadcast.

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