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easter holidays and beckys birthday

No diary update in a little while, my apologies! From last monday it was the easter holidays of course and my parents and little brother went on holiday in the caravan for the week. smiley icon: smile
In that time Daws took it upon himself to aquire a Nerf gun, having been shown the way by Chris one night at my house. So now Daws is the owner of a 25 round gattling Nerf gun. Nerf darts seem to be popping up in odd places, back of the settee, Chris’s car, behind our VCR.
To be entirely honest i can’t actually remember very many specifics of what we did in the holiday, bar going out to visit Em and Beck at a pub where they don’t actually serve after 11:01pm. Weird. I believe we saw Jo in the Butchers a couple of times and there was definitely a trip to Toys ‘R’ Us. Pretty much everything else has evaporated from memory.
Recently i’ve discovered i’m a bit more stressed out than i’d thought, which is one reason why there’s not been an update in a while. I’m also starting to wonder if it’s why my memory is so bad. And why i’m not eating right. *sigh* Anyways, problem discovered is a problem half solved, and after having words with Chris and a talk with Daws (Mike, you’re next) i’m feeling quite a bit better.
Today was of course Beckys birthday! smiley icon: smile We hope she had a good one! We ended up at the D&P pub quiz, but as the organisation there is dire there wasn’t room for us, so we didn’t bother competing. As it turned out when Becky unwrapped her present, the paint we’d used still hadn’t dried (after more than the recommended 24hrs to dry). Hopefully her new RC boat will be lake-worthy by now!
Later in the night we ended up at Tesco where we sat talking for a bit before going home. Daws spent a fair while trying to persuade Mike to give him Zelda: The Wind Waker which Mike had acquired today (a day before official release). Sadly mike had forgotten to pick it up before coming out. smiley icon: sad

Also today my sister got her new car, a Corsa 1.4i, N-reg, full service history, 48k miles. Nice little car it seems! smiley icon: smile

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