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BBQ Burnout

Ok, this is the same deal as the last entry, as in it’s going to span two days of engrossing activity in the life of one Matthew Wilcox. Not that we actually did a lot, but i happen to have photo’s from both days, which means a double entry. smiley icon: smile

Yesterday the weather decided it was in fact summer, regardless of those stupid calendar things humans use telling it it was only April. Temperatures in my loft (where my computer is based) hit 30C before it peaked. Unfortunately for me i was stuck in the loft doing some Uni work (ColdFusion based) and so missed most of the day’s potential for sitting outside doing nothing. smiley icon: sad
Anyway, toward the afternoon i was chatting to Daws on MSN and he suggested a BBQ, which was a great idea! I messaged Becky who then phoned back while Emma asked her parents for permission to steal their garden again (did you follow that? smiley icon: wink). All was arranged on the spot and a BBQ was planned for 8pm. Remarkable organisation for us!
Matt and Kath decided they would meet us a Tesco where we would be getting BBQ provisions, so i picked everyone up and we got three disposable BBQs and some food from Tesco. 8:10 saw us arrive at the lodge and make out way to the house. Turned out a nice night once the BBQs got going, but it was dark and a bit too disorganised really. It would have been better had we all been able to sit down, see everything, and just chill out by the BBQ. Instead there was a lot of wandering around and inability to see what was being cooked. :-/

Today was another warm day and so when 7pm came we went for a walk up Often Hill and around Huntly Woods. Got some nice photos, and Dawson loved playing WW2, constantly running about shouting ‘Covering Fire!’. He’s such a kid at times. :lol
After watching the sunset we went to Dawson’s to play some Burnout…outside! Chris brought his TV and we spent an evening breathing Real Air for once. Amazing. I even managed to beat Dawson 2 out of 3 times. He then played at ‘being a shadow’, which involves simply hiding, then running about. I worry about that guy sometimes. smiley icon: joke
Good night, and some good photo’s too.

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