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up to the highest height

We’ll start at yesterday, which was where our recent dabble in the flying of kites was taken to another level. First thing yesterday was a swift visit to Mike G’s to sort out his speaker system and PC. Turned out (as i’d guessed before) that the reason his speakers weren’t working was a blown fuse in the sub/amp, so we went shopping in Cheadle and got a new one. Speakers now work fine, which is nice! smiley icon: smile
After that we had to go to Overclockers to sort out an issue with the parts for a PC Mike had bought previously. We picked up Chris and Daws on the way and having visited Overclockers it would appear the parts are not defective, which is odd to say the least. Anyway, we returned and decided to go kite flying on Often Hill (not the real name of said hill). Chris brought his monstrously large black kite, we picked up some string from Cheadle and then departed to go flying. Turned out pretty windy up that hill, and the kites flew brilliantly. Daws was loving his stunt kite while a plot hatched in Chris and my own minds. First thing we had to do was test just how much lift this kite had, so we attached the remains of our food in a tesco bag to the kite and launched it. It flew fine! After that we get quite into it and left the hill heading toward the rather small B&Q near Tesco, which i had never noticed before. I shall reveal no more details of The Plan at the moment in case we do go ahead with it. The quiz followed, which was pretty bad in the end, but by now we hope the reason for the crapness is cleared up. smiley icon: smile

Onto today and while the weather was great we did nothing all day because people were at work and i was getting angry with my uni assignment. smiley icon: frown That night I went to The Potter and met up with Chris, Mike G, Mike Helm, Sue, Lisa B, Sarah C, another Mike and Nick. (i think that’s everyone!) After a pleasant time there we went to get Daws, go Tesco to get him some Gel, and then went for night time kite flying as Mike Helm was well up for it! Was fun in a weird way flying a kite at 11:45pm! smiley icon: smile
Was an entertaining night, and the good operation of the kite in low level winds furthered the desire to go ahead with The Plan…

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