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Willoughbridge Wells

Well, in a bid to actually have a semi-accurate diary entry i am adding this entry a mere two days after the actual events! Shocking isn’t it!? smiley icon: wink
OK, so with Emma now off uni (because Keel is such a slackers uni! smiley icon: wink ) and Mike having the day off work we decided to take a trip to see her and Becky over at Willoughbridge Wells. smiley icon: smile Dawson was up at the crack of dawn (9.30am) to check with Em that everything was still on, and at 11am i got up and started getting ready. I picked Chris and Mike up then we waited for Daws before deciding that breakfast was due and heading to Tesco. Where we managed to stay for about 45min.
Eventually we made it to W.Wells, and this time without a puncture in sight! smiley icon: smile We stopped off at the lodge to discover no one was in before walking to the house to be confronted by a dozen builders. We were pointed in the direction of the lake and took off to find Em, who STILL managed to elude us and had to come chase us when we started walking back to the house.
Becky turned up shortly after having been choosing a bathroom with her parents previously. smiley icon: smile *note to everyone, Emma and Becky need new phones
Anyway, we ended up taking a nice walk around, seeing Henry and Dougal in their field (Em and Beck’s horses) and wandering over to the abandoned military buildings from WW2. Really cool in there, with huge maps all decayed on warped rotting boards. Very atmospheric.
We wandered back and Becky started a water fight in the garden by distributing water pistols about. Which was fun! Dawson managed to get my Airobie chewed by Jake the dog, who wanted to join in the running about.
At somepoint in the day the faint headache i had been housing all day decided to turn into a raging migrane so i ended up sitting in my car for a bit while everyone else got food. Fortunately the Asprin Em gave me had kicked in by the time they got back and we ate up at the house before going to the pub at about 10pm smiley icon: smile Surprisingly we were all at home by about 12:15, and while we would normally have been laughing at the clock and looking forward to another two or three hours of being awake, we were in fact all shattered. Fun day! smiley icon: smile smiley icon: smile

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