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more catching up

Hi again! Well, it’s another ‘not updated the diary in a while’ situation. Thing is a really mean to, but somehow i never quite get the time i need to write anything up, and with my memory being as bad as it is i forget what happened and when. SO, since the last entry pretty much the only eventful things that i remember were as follows:

One sunny day shortly after the last entry Me and Daws saw my old car while getting Animal Crossing for Daws! Some fat guy was driving my Fiesta around the roundabout in Fenton! The rust at the back had been touched up and the plastic back-to-blacked. Looked pretty smart actually with the alloys gleaming.
Emma and Becky have now moved house smiley icon: sad Wed 2nd i took the car in to get it’s 110K service. All in all that day i spent £200 on the car. I bought some new trousers and a top in the sale too. *cringe* My poor poor wallet. smiley icon: sad
Friday we went up to see Emma and Becky and have a drink at the pub. Or at least that was the plan. Instead having picked up Jo, Daws and Mike we then got a puncture on the dual carridgeway. Ordinarily it would have been a case of whip the wheel off, put the spare on and drive the 6min journey to their house. Only the wheel nuts were on so tight we managed to get only one off before the spanner head bent out of shape. It took two hours and the arrival of three ‘helpless’ women (Em, Beck, Jo) to get the assistance of a local guy with an alloy spanner. Eventually the wheel got changed and we had a pleasant hour in the pub before going back to the lodge for a few hours. Got home for about 3:45am.
A day or two later we went to get a new tyre from halfords, Matt and Kath joining me and Mike on the trip. Was a great day weather wise, but again abusive to my wallet. Mike bought some 5.1 speakers from OCUK. We then all played Airobie at Cheadle park! smiley icon: smile
Emma and Becky’s last night working at the D&P was last Saturday i think. Whatever, i really wanted to go but i was just so tired that i didn’t. Instead i opted to stay in and fell asleep. A good thing because otherwise i think i’d have become a zombie.
My apologies for the utter lack of order in this entry, i really can’t remember what order things happened in. smiley icon: sad I know i’ve forgotten something too. :-/

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