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post birthday mayhem

Wow - i’ve been pretty busy since my birthday, so let me bring you up to speed, as i remember it

Fri 14th we went to the Potter to see my old Iceland collegues! (there are photo’s!) Was a good night, though i still managed to forget to give James some CD’s he wanted. *doh*

Sat 15th saw Dawson borrowing my digicam for the day as he went to watch his dad go fly in a plane. I’m told he had a lot of fun! I have no idea what i did that day though. No doubt something incredible! smiley icon: wink Sat night was Carmel’s small gathering at her house, which was fun, especially when Ben turned up in his work uniform! smiley icon: wink

Sun 16th Daws, Kath, Matt, Mike and myself went to Ashbourn Airfield again, because Kath wanted a look around. We had a nice walk around actually, and the weather was great. After we’d done there we ended up going to some huge reservoir for a passing visit!

Mon 17th was the day mum and dad got the new car (peugot 406 rapier) so i drove them there to pick it up. Very nice car indeed! Love the colour too!

Tue 18th i officially bought mum and dads old car (Cavalier 1.8i) and was insured on it. So i drove it into uni, it’s so much nicer than the Fiesta!

Wed 19th Chris, Daws and myself went out to look for speaker adapters for the Cav, we found none but had a nice day anyway. We then had a burger at BK and each bought Akira on DVD courtousy of Mike! smiley icon: smile While talking to Mike at Game my solicitor called and told me the crash from 8months ago was sorted, the other guy admits liability and i get my £250 back! YAY! Later i got home and there was a guy waiting to buy my old car, so that got sold! smiley icon: smile Sad to see it go though. smiley icon: sad

Thus 20th i went to uni for some 3D MAX tutorial. I am worried how little we are in uni. smiley icon: sad

Fri 21st to now is a blur, but i think Fri night we went to the D&P with Becky while Em was barmaiding, Sam and Chris were there too. Sat and Sun i forget.

Mon 24th was the Ship quiz where Chris and Lisa joined us. Then we went to Tesco and after Daws’s.

Also this weekWar declaired on Iraq, late nights watching news.
-Daws, Mike and myself went on car trip with camcorder in the Fiesta

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