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birthday 2003

Well, today i hit 22 years of age. Yep, while looking a sprightly 16 years old (watch it Mike!) i’m in fact going to be retiring to a zimmer frame before too long. Only Chris is older than me, and he’s positively ancient. smiley icon: wink
Anyway, today started off nice enough, getting up at about 10:30 (hey - it’s a day to do what i want!), opening cards and then chilling out. I finally got the ColdFusion demo working, which means i can get on with my uni assignment now. In the afternoon me and dad went to Cheadle to get some money out the bank, which was shut by the time we got there. Oh well! Went into Iceland (my former place of work) to get some bread and said hi to Gene and a few others, spotting two ladies i didn’t recognise! New staff…the times are a-changing. Whoever the blonde is, she’s cute (as seen from peripheral vision)!
Aaanyway, Nana and Granddad (the proper spelling) came down later on and we had some tea before the traditional Lighting and Blowing Out of Candles Upon the Birthday Cake ensued. My wish best come true! 22 years and not a one come true yet! smiley icon: wink
Soon after that Matt was down and Nana and Granddad left (not because Matt was there), and soon afterward Ben appeared followed by Daws, Emma and Becky. My mates rock - they got me presents! smiley icon: smile Thanks people! smiley icon: smile Baylies, coffee, a coffee mug, IK+ on GBA. Ya’ll are ace! smiley icon: smile Then it was off to The Red Lion (?) for a drink, Matt managing to miss the turn on the way, but we got there in the end! smiley icon: wink Sat outside for a little while as my stupid stomach was throwing a wobbler, before settling down inside and having some JD&Coke and Baylies and Guinness forced down me (metaphorically).
Shortly after getting there Ben arrived having picked up Mike H and Tara *waves* and we all had a nice night at the pub before departing for The Keys (which was shut) and then Hollington Level, where the plan (having overheard while i was outside) was to Egg and Flour me. I managed to stay locked in Matts car, and so for another year they failed to get me! smiley icon: joke
Ben and co left after their foiled attempt, and the rest of us went for a little drive to Croxden Abbey, where Becky swears there was a dog. smiley icon: wink :lol
Thanks for a great birthday everyone! smiley icon: smile smiley icon: smile smiley icon: smile smiley icon: smile smiley icon: smile

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