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D&P quiz / drive about

Thursday (yesterday) was actually quite a good day all in all. It helped that we actually had a productive lecture at Uni today. OK, so our regular tutor was away, but the replacement guy we had was great! smiley icon: smile Having finished the 3D MAX lecture at 6 i gave Mike a lift home (he finished work same time as i finished uni) and then did a bit of Flash work for uni. I hate that program.
A little while later i ended up at Mikes for a chat but we were reminded that it was the D&P quiz tonight and we’d said we’d go, so off we went, picking up Dawson on the way! Having got there we lumbered a table, some chairs and a few dozen beer mats into the quiz room and sat down waiting for Emma and Becky, who turned up mere minutes later. The D&P quiz is much preferable to the Ship’s, as we can actually compete, though maybe it’s taken a bit too seriously: quote the land-lady They can’t win anything, they’ve one too many on their team - yeah, so?
Ben turned up just before we finished, we had a drink and then retreated to Tesco for food.
Emma kindly invited us all to her place and a fun night was had, Barney (the dog) was clearly enthralled at seeing us all! Emma destroyed my hands playing ‘peanuts’, though a re-match where she didn’t take me by surprise resulted in me accidentally crushing her hands, though neither of us could over power the other…next time Em! Becky and Ben spent the night in conversation while Daws half-slept and Mike ate and assisted me in taunting Emma. We stayed there till about 2am, and as we were leaving Em’s parents returned, which probably looked bad. :-/
Friday (today) saw me waking up to a monstrously sore throat and headache, and still-sore hands. At uni we finally got the data we need to do some work, which we had been promised for two weeks ago. I then played about in Flash for a while and at night Mike and Daws joined me in a drive around listening to tunes. Dawson having brought his own eJay3 tunes to play in the car stereo. Daws has found eJay3 a godsend i think, those tunes are amazing! At midnight we went the D&P due to Becky’s invite (thankee), talked a lot and then went home for 1am. *yawn*

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