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A celebration of the internet (pt.4)

It’s been seven months since the last celebration of the awesomeness that is the internet, and the stuff that can be found on it. We are well overdue another celebration - so here it is. The point of these entries is to share some of the wonderful video’s I find whilst walking through the internet suburbs and back-streets. For those looking for the older entries, here they are: pt.1, pt.2, pt.3.

Musical stuff

Most of these celebrations have revolved around music I think is fantastic. You won’t be surprised to find this entry is along a similar vein, although there’s less ’serious’ music in this one.

Flight of the Conchords: The Humans Are Dead

I only heard of this comedy duo a few weeks ago, but it turns out they have a TV show on BBC4 now too. From what I’ve seen I prefer their live set to the show, but they are pretty good musicians either way.

Stewie Griffin: Sexy Party

Family Guy rocks, and if you like it, this season 6 bonus content will be right up your street. Adult Content Warning: Family Guy isn’t for kids.

Kitchen Diaries

A cooking video with a difference.

Bran Van 3000: Drinking in LA

Remember this classic summer tune from 1997? After ten years, still sounds pretty good. Looks terrible though (with the exception of the brunette lady on the right at 1:10).

Verve: Gravity Grave

Two versions of this classic (and very trippy) song here, one live from 1992, and the other starts at 3:30 as part of the Indie Chart Show (which I do remember watching, and can’t believe how dated it now looks). The Gravity Grave EP is Verve (later The Verve) at their very best, when Nick McCabe (guitar god) still had a huge volume of input (there he is at 4:45). Later Ashcroft’s head grew so large it twice forced the band to split. So much potential lost.

Mandy Moore: Umberella

Prettier and a damn site better on the ear, Mandy Moore’s cover is miles ahead of Rhianna’s original.

Sigur Ros: Heima Trailer

Sigur Ros are a brilliant (and popular) Icelandic band, this is the trailer for a new film by the band, playing in their home country.

None musical stuff

Baby that can not stop laughing

It’s almost impossible to not smile just watching this. The poor little guy can’t even stay sitting up he’s laughing so hard!

Liquid Popping

It’s an oldie, but it’s stood the test of time. Jaw-dropping display of how the human body can actually move when it has a sufficiently funky beat to move to. A little tip - the first kid isn’t the best dancer. Keep watching.

Michael J Fox presents good arguments for stem cell research

I had not realised how far his Parkinson’s had progressed, and it’s a slightly depressing thing to watch how this disease effects people. His argument, to me, is rock solid - tens of thousands of embryonic stem cells are thrown away every year because that’s what you do with the waste bi-product of IVF treatment. Instead of throwing them away, why not use them for research into genetic diseases? As Michael points out - none of those bundles of cells will ever become people anyway. So rather than completely waste those cells, why not use them to help ill people?

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