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A celebration of the internet

I’ve decided why I like YouTube, and why Google decided it was worth 1.6 billion dollars to buy. It’s a door right into humanity, the good and the bad. In celebration of the sheer awesomeness of the times in which we live, and the ability to share so much that couldn’t be shared before, here are a few of my favourite YouTube moments.


Awesome tune, awesome dancing. Puts a smile on my face.

Regina Spektor: Fidelity

I love this song, and have every intention of buying her albums when there’s a spare bit of cash-flow. Another YouTube moment that makes me smile.

Shlomo, human beat-box

How one person can make so many simultaneous noises with only his mouth is beyond me. Even if you dislike turn-table-ism and that general ‘bang bang’ music, the talent is undeniable.


This guy was (and still is) quite the star, and it could only have happened on the internet. Take one old man, give him a webcam, and let him talk in a series of videos. That’s it, the concept writ large - but it’s very touching to see. Below is the first video he did, there are many more.

We are the strange

I don’t actually know what this is supposed to be about, but I adore the quirky, creepy, slightly off-the-wall vibe it’s drenched with. And then when it breaks into some proper madness… I love it!

Jon Stewart Elaborates on Bush’s Moral Hypocrisy

An incredibly accurate and scathing overview of Bush’s double standards and general ineptness. This man is a danger to the world.

Tsar Bomba

The largest nuclear weapon ever detonated, and at only half it’s capable output. It would incinerate a circle of land 110miles wide. At half yeild.


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  1. Dawson posted 8hrs, 36min, 7sec after the entry and said:

    Regina Spektor is 100% lovely and also has a sizeable nose… Coincidence? smiley icon: laugh

    I'd never really thought of YouTube in that way actually Jimi, though it makes sense what you're saying… whether it makes 1.6 billion dollars worth of sense I'm still pondering!

  2. Matt Wilcox posted 9hrs, 58min, 0sec after the entry and said:

    Regina Spektor is hella-talented, and a fine-y to boot. Big nose or not. smiley icon: wink

  3. MWF posted 21hrs, 8min, 16sec after the entry and said:

    YouTube is fantastic and it reminds of when the Internet was a relatively new thing. People went to a lot of effort to add things to it and while the amount of information seemed endless almost everything was new and fresh. I would guess this is down to it being video based and thus could never have happened earlier.

    Sadly we may be in the golden age with YouTube and if it follows the same path as the Internet all we have to look forward to is the same old videos peddled out on an endless stream of purely put together YouTube imitation sites which gradually fill with un-moderated spam.

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