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A celebration of the internet (pt.3)

It’s been a little over a month since the last celebration of the awesomeness that is the internet, and the stuff that can be found on it. I’m finding that the focus of this ’series’ is turning rather heavily to spreading the word about awesome music, but I’m going to keep the title of the series regardless.

More musical discoveries

The following three songs I’ve discovered through Paul at work, who’s taste in music is brilliant.

Craig Armstrong feat. Evan Dando - “Wake Up in New York”

This is absolutely beautiful, and as the video is nothing brilliant I urge you to shut your eyes, crank up the volume, and find a relaxed position on your sofa. Craig Armstrong is a guy who I’m keeping an eye on, because he’s got a number of songs of this caliber. Evan Dando’s voice on this track is spot on, all the right tones and qualities, and compliments the music perfectly. I’ll be looking into Lemonheads after hearing this track.

Julie Feeney - Aching

Oh this is good. Very very good. It’s a simple song with a lot of credibility. It immediately grabbed my attention when I heard a stunning sung note held for aaages, and not a single tremolo in its entirety. Only a good singer can do that well - so much pop music is full of women permanently warbling notes all over the place (because they can’t sing very well), and this showpiece of Julie’s talent is a great refresher. Full credit to her, she’s written the album herself, composed the tracks herself, plays nine different instruments on it, and started her own record label to publish it. Shame the video is rather dull Found the official video, it’s a lot less dull. read a review.

Agoria - “Baboul Hair Cutting”

Sadly the audio compression kills this quite a bit, but if you can track down a better quality version you really ought to crank this up as high as your system will go. Brilliantly pulsating electronic noise, with just a hint of bad-ass groove. The video is suitably off the wall.

Beck - “Cellphone’s Dead”

Typical Beck, he’s not really changed his sound too much over the years, but this is a shining example of a really good Beck track. Awesome hook, nice samples, funky bass. The video is mesmerizing too.

Dave Brubeck - “Take Five”

It’s an absolute classic Jazz tune, and here it’s played brilliantly. Check the drum solo, awesome!

And if you like that, you really need to check out the live version: part one, part two

Numerous versions of a Dr Dre song

Also on YouTube, an absolutely brilliant Accapella version of Ben Folds cover of Dr Dre’s “Bitc*es Ain’t Sh*t” can be heard here. Needless to say, extreme language warning (hence the link rather than a video). You can hear Ben Folds cover version right here, or watch a live performance by Ben Folds. Unfortunately I couldn’t find Dr. Dre’s original version. Yeah, I know. Found it. And just in case, here’s the lyrics

General internet goodness

Moving along from music, here’s some general internet goodness for your consideration.

Bipedal dog

This dog was born with only two legs. Not being a dog to give up lightly, and having an owner refused to have Faith put down, the dog learned to walk, and walk without the aid of wheels. Awesome dog, with a brilliant spirit. And no, the Faith’s hips are fine. Yes, I thought it’d be bad for a dog too.

French flying squirrel-man

Why ski when you can ‘fly’ down a mountain? This guy is nuts.

Top Gear visit Alabama

This week’s Top Gear was brilliant. It was also a damning display of Middle-America bigotry and ignorance. America really doesn’t seem a nice place to be these days, and this is just another example of that. In civilized society, you don’t go stoning people for displaying an opinion. These guys tried. I wonder if those Alabama ‘hicks’ realise they are a western mirror image of those ‘damned Iraqi extremists’. There’s a lot wrong with America, and this shows why.

Top Gear visit New Orleans

And here’s another illustration of how distasteful America is right now. They can’t even look after themselves. The video speaks for itself, but doesn’t cover the added disgusting act that happened afterward. A woman came up to the Top Gear crew and threatened to sue - because Clarkson had described the car he gave away as a ‘91 model, but it turned out to be an ‘89. She said for $20,000 dollars she could make the claim go away. Now that is truly disgusting behavior. I’d have flicked the finger and driven away to give it to someone with a sense of decency. How people can become threatening and litigious when on the receiving end of a charitable gift is completely beyond my comprehension.


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    Julie Feeney is awesome

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