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We Were Bored Once...And Young

Well, the plan for tonight was to go and see my mates thrash-metal band, Rising Butt Hinges at Lester somewhere. Only they could not arrange transport, so three quarters of the people who -were- going either couldn’t, or had to find their own way there. I was pretty disappointed, but it wasn’t their fault and it couldn’t be helped.
So, instead of listening to some loud fast hard rock, it was off up to the Odeon with Mike, Ben and Lucy (Bens friend, and the sister of one of my old school mates). Getting there was in itself fun (note the sarcasm) as i had to sit in the back of his ickle Uno, which i swear was designed to be a refrigerator and simply got modified to be a car. It’s all white and tiny, and the interior light i swear comes from an old Electrolux fridge! smiley icon: wink
Anyway, we made it to the Odeon and debated over what film to see…for a looong time. Ben was adamant that we should see We Were Soldiers, and i was adamant i wouldn’t like it. Lucy and Mike sat on the fence, meaning me and Ben got to butt heads because we can both be really stubborn when we want. smiley icon: wink Mike suggested going to the bar and deciding over a drink, which seemed a good idea. Later on I gave in and we decided to see WWS. It turned out to be a good film, though not an enjoyable one. Very well filmed, nice effects, and if it’s your thing a good story…but fact based war films are not my bag. I dont see watching people re-enact other people dying horribly as entertainment in any form. It is enough to know these people gave their lives for their belief and their country. I do not need to see them get burned, shot and hacked to death to appreciate their sacrifice, nor to teach me that war is horrible. I already know war is horrible.
I also dislike war movies because they usually make up their own story and pass it off as facts. Spielburg is awful for it, and i find his versions of WW2 to be a gross insult to the British men who -really- did what the yanks pretend to do on screen. Fortunately WWS doesn’t fall in this reguard, and i was pleased to see it sticking reasonably close to the -real- events.

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