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Progress & my 21st Bday Party

What a day today was! I started work at 9am and finished at 5pm (yep - working on a Saturday sucks, but I need the money) and was pretty tired. I was, however, getting more excited as time dragged on - tonight was the Iceland group outing, which this time was doubling up as my birthday party! Matt and Mike were coming along too, which I knew would be cool. First things first however - Richard points out that I’m not going to get in to a major club like Progress with my usual attire. Yep, my normal ‘black combats, black shirt’ combo was not going to get me in this time and I was forced to borrow clothes off Richard (the guy is a star!). 8pm and I’m in Richards house feeling impressed with his stereo (which he had on full blast to prove his point), yet less impressed that we’re running behind schedule. Fortunately we’re similar size, though I’m skinnier - his old Versace’s fit me great, though the shirt I borrowed needed ironing! Thank God for Maria - the one handed ironing goddess! smiley icon: wink
Eventually we made it to Progress, where everyone was searched before entry and, disturbingly, the bouncer managed to pinch my ass. *is worried*
Entering the building you’re soaked in some of the sweetest uplifting trance ever. The grin started on my face as soon as I walked in. James was not impressed though, something about bad expectations, which was disappointing. Half an hour later however and you can hardly see the guy behind his huge neon-grin! Oh yeah, tonight rocked! As Lisa Lashes took to the stage the whole floor turned as one to face the DJ box, Mike grasped his glowsticks firmly and as one the crowd gave it some! Ohhhh, yes! Mike, James and myself were dancing like nutters, and the rest of the group were doing their thing too. The limits of a word count mean I can’t express how cool tonight was. Take a look at the photos though! We left early (2am) as Maria was tiring. After a donner kebab and chips it was home for us all. Mighty satisfied as we were, I decided that next time, we’re staying till 4 at least! And Mike - you can dance, oh yes sir-ee!

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