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The Place...and beyond

Work from 10 till 4 was actually ok on account of having all the ‘younger’ members of staff in and Helen being in charge. Even being in -20C was OK because Richard and myself got to talk about cars and women. smiley icon: wink
Anyway, tonight was The Big Gathering. My first trip out to The Place Nightclub in Hanley, I was going, half the Iceland gang were going, my sister was going, my sisters friends were going (and sleeping over), my other friends were going…in short pretty much everyone was going up there. So, 8:30pm myself, my sister, Kath, Emma and Pip wandered into Weatherspoons where i immediately saw James sitting across from his date for the night (whose name i sadly forget, my apologies). Having established contact we wandered upstairs and left James to it. A drink and a wander about later and John & co turned up. After a little while we decided to go for a McDonalds *shudder* and head off to The Place. It’s a good job we went when we did because the que was frankly insanely large-and it hadn’t even opened yet! It was also freezing cold!! Once in the girls put their bags and such in the lockers and we agreed to meet back there at 1:30 if we all got lost. Which we promptly did. Lee and the Iceland gang were already in and i had a wander around while trying to find everyone. The Place is pretty big, three floors and quite a few rooms. I was of course lured to the lower floor by the pumping dance, where the foam cannon was primed for use later in the night. I must say, first impressions were poor: the decor isn’t in good nick and clearly there were some troublemakers in attendance. The music however, was spot on. The DJ was reasonable too. Most of the night disapeared in a haze of dancing.
Tracey seemed a bit…off. She seemed to be over-doing the happy bouncy thing and i was quite concerned when i thought i saw her near tears so i spent a good deal of time with her. :-/ I hope she’s OK.
Anyway, it was a good night out. Emma, Katherine, Kath and myself got home 2:40ish and then watched Ferris Bulers Day Out (class film!). Then i slept @ 5am. *sighs*

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