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Ice Age Pizza Huts

Having slept until 11am i got up and went forraging for breakfast downstairs, where i found Emma (still looking great), Kath and Katherine still up, not having slept. The crazy fools! smiley icon: wink
Breakfast consisted of a bowl of rice krispies and a cup of tea? My memory is fuzzy (no surprises there then!). I was also told that my Bart Simpson mug smells of plasticine and aftershave. Which was weird reguardless of the fact it had just been washed. Oh well - i blame it on sleep deprivation. smiley icon: wink The girls were clearly wiped out but i think they enjoyed the night out.
Later in the day Mike, Ban&Laura and myself went up the Newcastle Warner Village to watch Lord Of The Rings as Laura STILL hasn’t seen it yet (i shan’t say how many times that would have been for me seeing it). Well, once we got there we decided to see Ice Age instead. We were in screen 5 which was huge compared to the other screen i’ve been to. Great cinema: unlike Odeon the seats are properly staggard so everyone can see no matter the 7′5″ guy in front. Ice age turned out to be pretty good. Cute animation, and we all want a Saber Tooth Squirrel! NOW!! smiley icon: laugh
After watching the film (which i want on DVD already!) we decided to go to Pizza Hut for some food-stuff of the large flat doghey variety. Having parked suitably poorly (my bad) we sauntered in and proceeded to open a small democracy with the agenda of establishing what we were ordering. We’re all sadly recessive and so no one took charge and the democratic system carried on until the waitress asked if we were ready a third time! lol! One large meaty and a large stuffed crust pepperoni pizza later i was being instructed to force more pizza down my mouth by some pretty bossy lady while i tried to hold my splitting stomach in one peice. I stood my ground and refused to eat more! My stomach was greatful for this.
We then drove to my house and proceeded to watch Apollo 13 and drink Sambucca (and archers for the lady). Another good day out. Ben left 2am and i collapsed into bed promptly.

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