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Catching Up

OK, so it’s been far too long since the last diary entry. I’ll admit it, the website has been neglected for the sake of doing a lot of uni work, but now that’s finished. Time to finish the website (i hope you’ve noticed the new features and improvements).
Lets bring you up to speed - since the last entry the following has happened:

  • John’s family are now part owners of The Mannor pub in Cheadle
  • John DJ’d there as part of a ‘thankyou’ party to the workforce
  • Ben got pulled over by the police on a routine check and discovered he needed two new tires and a headlight.
  • Ben and Laura had a near death experience when his brakes failed exactly one day after having the new tires put on. Fortunately skilled driving (whack it in first, pull the handbrake, steer away from the car in front) ment nothing bad happened. Apart from the need for new brakes anyway. I remain suspicious of the guys who fitted his wheels back on.
  • Matt Ward has had his tonsils out, resulting in a lack of clubbing activity for all of us
  • The pub quizes at the Ship have ended (photos from this dramatic event are supplied)
  • I have finished the first year of university.
  • My car has had a new exhaust, new sump, new rocker gasket, new thermister gasket an oil flush and an oil re-fill.
  • Star Wars Ep.II came out. We’re all agreed it’s a good film, no matter the cheesy dialogue. I’ve discovered Yoda is a small, green, highly annoyed Koala-bear on speed.
  • Myself, Ben and Mike have taken up swimming in a bid to get somewhere close to fit. Lucy and Laura accompany us on occasion because we’re such fine examples of manly studness. *cough* *hack* *cough*.
  • After each swimming excursion we go to the pub. You know it makes sense.
  • And there you are, pretty much up to speed. All that remains to say is that I have a hell of a cold, and expect more updates soon. smiley icon: smile

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