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I need to Breathe

I forgot to mention on my last entry - It was also Mikes 19th recently! We still have to go out clubbing in recognition of this monumentous event.
Anyway, getting to more recent events it was Laura’s 17th on Thursday (Happy Birthday!). Laura being Ben’s girlfriend for those who don’t know, or are thinking of one of the other Laura’s. Parking outside her house was fun as the lane leading to it is one of the most narrow lanes i’ve ever driven down. The party/gathering was good, a relaxed thing with much TV and talking. Ben got very drunk, Doug (one of Laura’s mates) seemed to get up every five minutes and get another Stella. I am amazed at the sheer quantity of fluid he can hold, let alone the alcohol.
Last night i was dragged up to the Potter against my will…which turned out to be a very good thing. A local band called Breathe (not a spelling error) were playing, and may i say oh my god!. They were -fantastic- People who know me know i like music. People who know me reasonably well know i -love- rock/metal as well as the dance i keep talking about. Well, sir, you do not get much finer rock than what they were playing! The start of the set was up-tempo rock which immidiately impressed. They have some excelent kit and the sound quality was -excellent- which is always a sign of a dedicated live band. Fortunately they have talent to match the equipment. Frankly i was tapping away and grinning in my seat before i knew it. Great stuff. The second half was more to my liking as they edged on to harder darker rock, even throwing in Enter Sandman by Metallica. Not to mention an awesom drum solo that was easily 5min long, if not 7 or 8. The band wandered off and had a drink while he was at it, then straight back in to a song, no pause, just right back in there. Impressive stuff.

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