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Fire Night at Creation Re-visited

I got up far too early this morning in order to be at work on time. I hate working 9-6 shifts almost as much as i hate 10-2 shifts.Or worse yet the stupid 5-7 shifts. As you’ve more than likely guessed it was a poor day at Iceland. It was -insanely- busy on account of the Queens Jubilie being this weekend and the double bank holiday of Mon and Tue. People obviously assume we’re shut then, but nope, we’re open. smiley icon: sad smiley icon: sad
Anyway, tonight was the return of clubbing! *blows big airhorns, dances about, generally parties* Yes, after weeks of no clubbing for many reasons, tonight John, Mike, Matt and myself are going to Creation. Last time was a blinder of a night with some classic dance, tonight was to be so much better. smiley icon: smile
I picked Matt and Mike up from Mikes, as per usual and John from the Mannor where he’d just finished work. On the way up Total Euphoria was on the car stereo and anticipation was growing.
With John to guide us this time we went to a few bars before heading off to Creation. We were dragged into Fluid by the pulsating beat of You Be Real. That track is niiiice. Getting into Creation i immidiately bumped into Richard who was there with his mates. Actually, more accurately he body slammed me :lol was good to see him there. We moved off into the dance area propper and we loved it!
The dancers appeared on stage, one in a tight rubber/leather body suit complete with exquisitly placed metal plate, brandishing an angle grinder. The other dancer had fire sticks. They took their poses, then in slammed Prodigy - Fire Starter! YAY! From there it was a trip into Old Skool dance, that fast old punchy stuff. My god you got hot fast! Mike and myself were loving it Matt and John seemed to like it too. Great night though it was 2am before Mike got any glo-stix…the 1hr Trance Nation set started up and we were on the dance stage…having lost John to some girl on the podium! Later on we joined him on the podium and some mad glo-stick assisted dancing ensued!

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