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A Minor Gathering

Damn cool day today. Had the day off work, which in itself was cause to celebrate! I’ve been working a little bit on the website, not that anyone can tell until i upload the new code. I got Dreamweaver MX today, which was another reason to be chuffed. Then, as i was busy coding away on the computer Ben appeared through the loft hatch and told me i was going to see The Time Machine right now. Laura, who was standing at the base of the ladders (obviously the Ladders of Evil were too much for her) added her voice and that was that. We raced off in Bens car to pick Mike up and then we went to the Odeon.
I will comment on something here, as i know Ben thinks i never say anything nice about him on this site. Here we go, and people, you may quote on this:
Ben demonstrated excellent clutch control while driving. There we go Ben. smiley icon: wink
After the obligatory drink in the bar and a comedy set peice from Ben as we all watched him trying to decide what to get to eat (Laura knew exactly how you were going to faff about mate) it was straight into the cinema. The film was brilliant, though Laura apparently didn’t get it. Nice concept, good acting and nice effects. I want it on DVD now.
Leaving the Cinema we spontaneously decided to go back to mine and have a drink. Tesco promptly parted with a bottle of Sambuca and some Amarula Cream while me and Mike parted with some currency. A fair transaction, if a little pricey i feel. smiley icon: wink
We got home and put Ferris Buellers Day Off on. A classic film. Laura left shortly after, followed by Ben. The rest of us talked a lot and Mike ate his way through quater of a pack of roasted coffee beans. That guy is going to be hyper for a week.
It was quite a good night, me and Ben had a nice heated argument about the merits of a 1961 Ferrari GT california vs a modern sports car. Then we argued about the army and enlistment. Mike and John agree with me btw Ben! smiley icon: wink
2am arrived and i just -had- to go to bed or become a catatonic chipmunk. I had to be up for work at 7:30.

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