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Breathe Up Front

After a full days hard labour at the pits, sorry pit, sorry - Iceland, it was time to get ready to go to the Breathe / Up Front gig in Whiston. Mike and Ben came over here before hand and we sorted out transport arrangements. Ben went home for a quick shower, i followed suit and Mike was left on my PC trying to draw circles with my Wacom tablet. He did pretty well considering it’s his first try!
Off we went in my car, picking John up on the way, my sister spending her time hiding nail varnish and other girly rubbish in my car. We eventually got there only for me to remember that my ticket was still at home. doh! I left them all at the pub and returned some time later clutching my ickle ticket firmly. Once in there we found some seats and populated a table with some Buds. I imidiately bumped into Kano and Clive, which was surprising, and no sooner had i said Hi and Bye to them than i saw John (workmate from Iceland) in there! Amazing!
The first band started up and i was reasonably impressed. Then on came Up Front, consisting of a 14yr old drummer and i guess the guitarist and bassist were 16-17ish. They sounded very impressive! The drums were solid as a rock and quite intricate in places, and the guitar work was sublime. Last up were Breathe…now thats the funky stuff! I was mildly dissapointed by the poor EQ levels, but the band were beyond excellent, impressing Mike and John no end. While this wonder of a band were playing John was forcibly dragged onto the dance floor twice. Damn those good looks eh John? smiley icon: wink
Things were less amusing (sorry John) when Odd Guy (as he shall be henceforth known) dragged my sister out to dance. Real effort was taken by Mike and myself not to totally crack up at his dancing. It paid off, we only laughed a little. His style was…unique shall we say? Kudos to him for dancing though!
The last song arrived and all three bands took to the stage…three drummers, three guitars, three singers and a bassist belted out some truely sublime rock and they just kept upping the pace until we all stood there in awe.

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