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Celebratory Croozin

A few days ago John, myself, Katherine and Carmel went on a mini cruize in Johns Astra. Well, today Mike Foster passed his driving test. As i drove down my road home i ran into John (not litterally)…and Mike…and Ben. Sir - we have a Convoy!
So, off we all went on a cruize all around everywhere and anywhere, starting at Tesco for food and batteries. Dawson even broke out four CB radios, one per car (hence the batteries). Turned out to be an excellent night, driving about, messing over the radios. Dawson is a professional comedian and impressionist i swear! The battle cry of ‘Lets light the fires and burn the tyres big daddy!’ screamed over the radio’s and we were off!
Country lanes here we come! We stopped off at Hollington Level for a little while and chilled. Mike went home for something or other while i set up my Fiesta for some sound and we all sat in a field listening to tunes. Ben chose the callsign ‘White Bear’ (grey hair more like!), Mike was Jiggalo, John was Trigger and sadly i ended up with PHP because we couldn’t think of anything good. *sulk* Only when the night was over did we realise that the field we were in might have been crops and not just long grass. Sorry Mr Farmer! At least we only flattened a tiny bit.
I’ve decided my suspension needs seeing to as the ride is too soft. On the third time round a round-a-bout my car was listing badly and Carmel was feeling ill. We managed to loose Ben when he took the lead as his directions were pants. There’s more than the one way to Uttoxeter…
If i remember right John, Ben, Katherine and myself then went to John’s Games room and chilled a bit.
I definately want some CB radios of my own now. They rock. Also today i bought Cream - Beach 2002, Pure Jazz Chillout, No Doubt - Rock Steady, and Pink - Missundaztood. Good CD’s all!
A damn fine night.
*satisfied grin*

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