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I’m lagging behind quite a bit in the Diary due to a hectic schedule! I’m currently working every day and am out almost every night. eek!
To catch up a little…last Wednesday (19th) John, Ben and myself went on an ‘Irish night’ intending to drink lots of Guinness all night (not me, i was driving). We made it to Alton where we had a drink and a game of Skittles then moved to Uttoxeter and had a drink before deciding we all wanted to go clubbing! Off we went to Creation, our preferred 7day a week venue…which was closed! After some debate we moved to Zanzibar in Newcastle. Oh dear. Bad choice.
The DJ was as bad as a one handed deaf guy trying to mix using nothing but a single tape deck and a bald squirrel. Never before have my ears been so abused by a DJ. *shudder*
Also since the last entry there has been, a Bonfire in a field, Hayfever, Cruzing, Weight Training with Ben and John and plenty of pub visits. Now we are up to date…Liquid!
Liquid is a new club in Hanley. James has nothing but praise for it and so Charley, Ben, John, Lee, Rob (Lee’s mate), Caz, Steph Taylor, Lucy and myself (i think that was everyone?) all went up for a visit tonight. It was only £3 to get in (student night) and it was a themed night ‘School / Teachers’ with some actor who played a Headmaster from kids TV show ‘Grange Hill’.
We spent half an hour at the bar area waiting for the main rooms to open. The club looked a well spent £2million. The doors opened to the sound of Carmina Burana ‘O Fortuna’ and the lighting went mental with simulated lightening and everything. Seriously impressive start making us all expect some serious pumping music. Unfortunately it was more a pop/dance night than a proper ‘banging dance’ night so expectations were not really met. The place has a great sound system but was a little too light on the bass that night. We lost John for an hour or so but found him safe and well (if a little drunk) on the dance floor.
A great night out which could only be improved by a better set from the DJ, but that’s exactly what they do on a Thursday… smiley icon: smile

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