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Johns 20th at Skegness

Today was Johns 20th birthday! Congratulations to John and such! Anyway, it had been planned for a few weeks, today was the day…Skegness! In celebration of Johns birthday we all woke up extra early and arrived outside Johns at 8am. ‘All’ being John, Mike Foster, Mike Goodwin, Lucy, Laura Foster, Laura Brassington, Craig, Ben, Caz, Dawson, Emma, Carmel, Katherine, Jo, Luke and myself. The drive to Skeggy was longer than we expected and Mike Foster and myself managed to get there by a different route to the other two cars. Oh well! We rendezvoused at the first rest stop ‘Little Chef’ and from there managed to stay roughly together, although Craig and his Peugeot 206 took a heck of a lead. We arrived just before dinner time and discovered it’s more expensive to park after 11 than before 11. Duh?!
Craig had got a little lost in Skegness itself so the rest of us headed for the beach while we waited for him to find our car park. We picked a spot about 5,000 miles from the sea and set up shop there. Ben took a wander to the sea itself followed shortly after by Caz, Lucy and Mike G.
Pretty soon we decided to hunt for food and so made our way to the town and ate some chips. On the way up Mike and Ben had a go on a few Dance Stage arcade machines, drawing a crowd as Mike’s feet flashed away at lightening pace. 367 combo perfects on ‘Pro’ level. =(87[______n])
After eating dinner Ben and John bought two chairs and we sat at the beach. People seemed to find digging large holes the thing to do until Dawson unleashed a huge pile of sand flies and spiders when he dug too deep. Thanks Daws! We played Crazy Golf and went boating before Mike F and Craig decided there cars would go home and do something there for the night while the others decided we’d go see stock car racing.
The rest of us had a pub meal then went racing. Stock car was ok but not really my cup of tea. We left at 9pm as we were all getting very tired. The ride home was faster due to less traffic and we stopped only once, at Macdonalds where a drugged up idiot in the toilet caused some problems. We got home and had some vodka jelly at Johns then went our seperate ways and slept. smiley icon: smile Great day!

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