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Unholy Demons

Twas the year 2002, and standing upon the Hill of the Ship on the outskirts of Tean, two brave knights of Honour and Truth stood gazing toward yonder land of Cheadle. The sky was wonderous and terrible, with powers of light and dark played upon them. To the left was the very skies of hell, lit red as with fire, clouds brooding, leaving deep dust trails as their shadows were flung across the sky. To the right was almost clear sky of blue with a rainbow of majesty and might arching divinely from one end to the other.
Sir Wilcox moved his gaze across from The Ship to the skies of the west and lo! Upon the Road of Destiny stood a crazed beast of Hell! It’s eyes were crazed with blood lust, it’s horns glinted the firey sky behind as though blood were running down their length. With this did the Battle of The Ship begin. Two Knights held the beast at bay with blood and pain, even when it summoned another of it’s filthy kind, and by their valuor and strength alone was the day saved and the forces of good win a mighty victory against the forces of Darkness!!

Alternativly - Mike and myself were sitting talking outside The Ship when i spotted a cow standing in the road. It had broken out of it’s field and was just standing there facing us down. We ran to the pub and alerted the entire staff and everyone before running out to herd it back in it’s field. It was joined by another soon after and they went stampeeding around the road and pub grounds before we managed to get them back in. Mike and myself then stood guard so they didn’t break out again and cause trouble for passing traffic until the farmer arrived to fix the holes in the hedge, through which they had escaped. We returned to the pub. Did we recieve any thanks for our efforts? No.
Single handed we saved Tean from pillage and slaughter by two demon beasts from hell, and not a word of gratitude did we get.
After a while i joined Dawson who had brought a Naboo Starfighter model in for some reason. We played ‘Destroy the evil Sixth Form and Darth Trivedy, Master of the Death College'’. Yes we’re big kids.
Ahh well!

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