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Bens Summer Gathering Pt1

Having recovered from last nights trip to the pub, complete with Demon intervention (see the last entry) today saw my car go in for repair. A few days ago I managed to damage the steering by going a little too fast around a bend in the rain. I turned and braked to follow the bend while the car aquaplaned in a beautiful straight line, the front left wheel hitting the curb at full lock. Turns out I bent the wishbone, so today it’s in the garage for repair and a new set of disk pads for the brakes, which needed doing anyway. I get it back tomorrow.
On a brighter note - Ben’s parents are away on holiday for a while and so today we had one of Bens infamous ‘gatherings’. I turned up a little late due to extreme tiredness and having to walk back home having got half way there because I’d locked up the house and my parents didn’t have any keys with them to get in. At least they gave me a portion of chips! I finally got to Bens and discovered that Ben, Mike Goodwin, Mike Haines, Tara, Caz, Lucy, Katherine, Matt and Carmel were already there. We decided it would be a good idea to get my camera so I ran back home and got that. By the time I got back my tea (the chips) had been devoured. Ahh well!
Turns out getting the camera was a good idea! You can see how the night progresses from civility and soberness into stupidity and drunkenness! It’s entertaining! The music was pumping and the girls were well up for dancing once they’d downed some drinks. So, disturbingly, was Mike Haines - who’s pole dancing is both funny and worrying.
At this point let me tell you that Carmel told me at the start of the night to take pictures of her. Ask Ben or Mike - it’s true. She asked for this. I was only doing what I was told smiley icon: joke
So yeah, good night! smiley icon: smile People started leaving 1-2am ish, leaving Mike, Lucy and myself crashing at Bens. Me and Mike we’re up till 4am watching American Baseball and other rubbish on late night TV and discussing various things before I finally fell asleep…

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