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Bens Summer Gathering Pt2

…And so Bens gathering extended into another day, though somewhat reduced in numbers by now, Caz, Tara, Matt, Katherine and Mike Haines having left late last night. I woke up properly after Mike Goodwin fired the camera flash in my face. Thanks Mike! We were all somewhat slow first thing.
Anyway, Ben, Mike, Lucy and Carmel planned on going to Llandudno in Wales today, but ended up going to Litchfield instead because it was almost dinner time by the time everyone was awake and ready to go. Unfortunately I couldn’t go as I had to pick up my car from the Garage. Much money later I had a working car! Yay! Though it’s making squeaks and rattles these days, which I really don’t like. It’s getting old and starting to show it. smiley icon: sad
I went around to James’s so we could go to Overclockers and swap the American power cable he got with his case for a UK one. (We built a PC for him a few days ago, it kicks ass!). Both of us being dizzy we managed to get half way there before realising we’d not brought the cable to replace. *doh* we dashed back and finally got the job done when I got a call from Mike G to see if I wanted to go Tenpin Bowling with Ben, Lucy and Carmel. I drove James home ASAP, grabbed a crisp butty and then drove up to Festival Park, where I paid for us all to bowl as they’d stood waiting for 20min and spent their cash on Dance Stage. DOH! Bowling was good, I came second, 4 points behind Mike. We had the buffers up for the ladies though.
Carmel clearly doesn’t like it though, I think her average speed was about 9mph, having released the ball from a standing position, hitting the deck and bouncing half way. She gave me a Rubber Johnny from Litchfield tho. Yay! (for those wondering, he’s a little yellow rubber guy)
We got back to Bens and decided we needed food so Matt (who’d re-joined the group after a full day at work) and myself drove to Tesco and got some pizzas and ice cream and snacks. We got back to find Pip having joined the clan. Lucy and Carmel then persuaded me to get some games from Lucys, we got back, ate and played Twister. Then we watched Resident Evil on V-CD. People left 12-ish and Mike, Ben and myself watched some Billy Connely on DVD. I could barely breath mid way through that DVD, owing to laughing far too much and having a bad throat.

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