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Frantic Diary Additions

OK, a lot has happened since the last diary entry, which is why I’m only just getting around to adding new diary entries. Sorry! Lets start with Mon 15th, which is when John got back of his two week holiday to Barbados. Needless to say he looked like he’d been deep fried. We all went to Johns for a BBQ. In attendance were Mike G, Mike H, Tara, Ben, Lucy, John, Carmel, Katherine, Pip and myself. Photo’s are now up
Tue 16th I went shopping with Vickie. First time i’ve seen her in months, she now has a job teaching in Banbury and is looking for a flat. I bought two new shirts (a cool blue shiny one and a cooler black one with a red felt dragon on the back), new trousers, a pair of shades and a new personal CD player. Came back home early-ish as needed to talk to Mike, we all ended up going out to Ashbourn.
Thus 18th started nicely then went down hill horribly. Ben and myself went to Mike G’s to play some multi-player Warcraft III and UT, which didn’t happen as Ben’s PC was messing up the network settings. So at dinner we went to Lucy’s to play Frisbee, which was good even though Carmel was nervous about the horse in the field that kept looking at her. Then we decided to go to Toothill rock. We jumped in my car and set off…only for a stupid guy to crash into the side of my car before we even left Tean. He didn’t bother looking to see if the main road he was pulling onto had any traffic on it. Bang. One wrecked car. Mike and Lucy were OK fortunately, but had Mikes arm still been dangling outside like it had earlier…*shudder* Photo’s of the damage are up. Once insurance details and such were sorted we all went to Toothill anyway (leaving my car sat on the carpark, inoperable and unsteerable) and had a BBQ. Or at least tried. The BBQ was about as warm and able to cook as an unlit ice-cube. Thanks anyway guys! smiley icon: smile
Sun 28th saw John leaving us for sunnier places again. Yes he’s on holiday for another two weeks.
So here we are at today. Today saw Lucy, Mike G, Matt and myself up at Weaver Hill (where on Saturday night we went star-gazing (plus John and Carmel). Today we watched two thunderstorms sweep along the valleys for a few hours and had a chat. We intend to go up there when John’s back and catch the sunrise. Should be beautiful.

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