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Weaver Hill Via Wetton

OK, it’s (again) been aaaaages since an update. And guess what? Yup, this one is another ‘batch’ update rather than a single entry. Unfortunately i’ve been so busy that i’ve forgotten exactly what went on so i’m afraid you’ll have to make do with a very short and rough description and just take a look at the photo’s instead. Sowwy!

At some point we went to The Potter and had a drink. Possibly the largest group outing we’ve had to the pub, consisting of: Mike G, Matt, Mike H, Tara, Dawson, Carmel (no John, he was on holiday. Again), Kath, Lucy, Step, Jim, and myself. Plus while there i bumped into Damon and Sue, two old college mates. Good night out but with some crappy undertones that i shan’t go into.

15/08/2001 (Wed) saw us on an excursion to far off lands! John had got out his map of the local area and pointed at a random location and found the nearest pub to wherever his finger lay. Turned out to be a pub in Wetton.
Sooo, we got in Johns car and drove around trying to find Wetton, meeting up with Matt about half way, where Mike and myself bailed out of Johns Astra and dived into Matts 306XL. At this point we learned that Ben and John need to brush up on their Highway Code. Yes, we took a CYCLE TRACK (marked NO VEHICLES) through the manifold valley. Let me tell you that it was a very very tight fit for the cars in places, but it was a fun ride. Anyway, we eventually made it to Wetton! yay! We found the pub…which was shut! The one day of the week where it was shut early was the day we picked to visit it. Thoroughly disappointed we drove off randomly and found a tiny villiage i forgot the name of and went in The George for a fine pint of Guinnes.

Today saw Mike, Wig and myself playing some aerobie, then Mike, Ben, Kath and me going to Weaver Hill in the day. Beautiful view, all the way the the Welsh Mountains. We had some drink and food before our chilling was cut short by rain. It was while at Weaver Hill that Kath made the startling scientific discovery that sound travels ‘at the speed of time’. :lol

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