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Summer Holiday Entry One

day one / Mon 19th August 2002
Ben and myself set off at about 12:15 and it took until 5:45 to get to Woolacombe due to roadwork’s along the way. We were impressed with Woolacombe, clean and shiny as it was. It was also fairly packed, with more than a fair share of nice looking ladies (which we appreciated). We took up a pitch on the second campsite we found, the first asking £25 per night for a tent. The site we camped at was only a few minutes from the beach with a nice view of the sea and the island of Lundy. It was substantially cheaper at £6 night each (hey - we’re students on a budget, ya know?). We headed down to Woolacombe proper once the tent was up in order to grab some food and take a look around. Wandering into ‘The Red Barn’ we ate a very satisfying meal and each downed a pint of Guinness while luxuriating in that ‘holiday feeling’ and frankly going goggle eyed at the number of beauties in there. Ahhh, sweeeet holidays! We then headed off for a short wander around, Ben immediately buying himself a full wet suit. Once purchased we went back to the tent and slept.

day two / Tue 20th August 2002
We woke early and dragged ourselves to the campsites bar for some breakfast. I knew it would be a good day when we walked in and the Madhouse version of Madonna’s ‘Like A Prayer’ was playing on some seriously big speakers. Two rounds of toast later and half way into a cup of coffee John and Carmel pulled in to the campsite bang on 8:45am. Went out to meet them and it finally hit - we were on holiday in Cornwall! Yay! Once John and Carmel had the tent up we all headed down to the beach. Ben suited up, grabbed his body board and dived into the waves, clearly looking for women to impress now his body hair was under cover! smiley icon: wink
Some time later I got a suit and board too. Had fun body boarding, managing to totally out strip Ben and John in distance body boarded owing to my skill in being a twig.
A fast shower later we headed north for Ilfracombe, bought chips and somehow managed to start a conversation with two old people from Blythe Bridge (a town just up the road from where we live). After a nice wander around we headed off to Lynton in Exmoor.

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