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Summer Holiday Entry Two

day three / Wed 21st August 2002
We awoke bright and early to some absolutely beautiful weather and after some breakfast we decided to pack the tents up and go shopping in Barnstaple, mostly just food. After that it was off to Hartland Point, the last time I was there must be a good eight years ago if not more. On the way there we lost John and Carmel (who had stopped for petrol we later found out) and found ourselves at a farm toll gate with no phone signal and no idea where they had gone. We paid the money and parked up, which was fortunate as John and Carmel arrived about five minutes later. We went to the point itself and saw the shipwreck there, considerably more broken up than when I last went. If memory serves my dad and I made it to the beach itself last time and went right up to one half of the hull. We didn’t bother this time.
Next was Bude, where we set up camp on a lovely 4* AA site. Ben treated us to some severely over-cooked pasta and sauce on Johns new gas stove. It was mush, but it was nice mush! Thank you Ben ‘wonder chef’ Walker! smiley icon: wink After tea we went to the campsite pub for some drink.

day four / Thus 22nd August 2002
First thing was to head off to a beach in Bude, which turned out to be pretty small, pretty busy and very far from the sea itself. Ben was the sole one of us to go body boarding while the rest of us just chilled out and lay on the sand. An hour or two later John led us to Tintagel, the birthplace of King Arthur (Merlin, Knights of the Round Table, etc). We didn’t really do anything apart from wander around before jumping back in the cars and going to Polzeath. We set up camp at South Winds campsite, which was controlled by an evil dictator woman who had 15,003 rules prohibiting everything she could think of. Having been told the rules we read more rules on the back of our tent ticket and proceeded to read additional rules that were placed all over the campsite. Then we set about breaking some rules, like everyone else. About 10:30 we went to bed but Ben and myself caught some guitar on the air - someone was playing some Red Hot Chilli Peppers over the group of banjo players!! We dived out and found the guy (named Matt) to congratulate him on defying the ‘insane banjo posse’ which had been in full flow of breeching rule 532b ‘no noise from banjo’s after 9pm’

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