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Summer Holiday Entry Three

day five / Fri 23rd August 2002
We broke out of Alcatraz and headed for Padstow, Ben and myself however got lost and only managed to find Tesco. John and Carmel took a park and ride into Padstow while Ben and myself decided to give up and went straight to Newquay. It was there we hit the jackpot - this was where all the 18-25 year old babes were hiding! Sadly so were the typical groups of sub-ape monkey boys with their souped up cars and IQ’s equal to the PSI rating for their tyres. Oh well! Turned out Lisa Lashes and Ann Savage were down there for Sundisential, which I’d love to have gone to but we just didn’t have time. Having visited Newquay we headed out for Perranporth in order to get a campsite for over the bank holiday weekend. We set up tent and called John and Carm as there were only three or four pitches left and we knew they’d go fast. Later we all went to Perranporth, I bought a cool picture, we had a drink and then went to the site and John cooked some pasta. John, Carm & Ben went for a drink at night while I stayed in as I was half dead.

day six / Sat 24th August 2002
It took us ages to find a parking space in Newquay, but eventually we got one and walked around till dinner. We ate food and then John did the funniest thing of the holiday. He sneaked up behind Ben in the middle of a crowded street in Newquay and pulled his trousers down! You should have seen the look on Bens face, standing there in his boxers, trousers round his ankles with a large audience. Hehe!! Aaaanyway…Ben bought a poster then went back to the car for a sleep while the rest of us carried on walking about. While Ben was kipping we saw a seal in the sea, went to see the lifeboat station, walked around the coast to a hotel Carmel had been in before, chilled out and then I went and bought another picture. We headed back to the campsite for a culinary delight - Chicken Balti. Huge respect to John for the first truly enjoyable home cooked food of the holiday! This is when we discovered that Bens moodiness can be cured by feeding him. He went from evil moody boy to hyper-active toddler in the time it took to digest a balti. Kinda like me then. Only I need sleep too.

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