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Matt's back

Last night I finally got back on the internet, and it’s like re-discovering a limb I had forgotten I had. No longer am I completely ignorant of any world events (like the flooding of New Orleans), thanks to the joys of 2mb/s broadband and a couple of wireless access points. I’m glad to be back, despite thoroughly enjoying the month or so without the internet to swallow my time.

I’ve settled into the flat pretty well now, I’ve got all the essential gear: cooker, fridge/freezer (courtesy of Malarkey), washing machine (courtesy of an unexpected and much appreciated bonus from my old boss over at Creation”), microwave, bed, kitchen table, etc. I lack only a sofa and a TV, which is pretty good considering the flat was un-furnished. I did treat myself to a very comfortable leather recliner chair though, so I have good seating as long as I have no guests.

Work is going well, with plenty of thought provoking stuff going on, everyone knows their job really well and everyone is genuine and nice. Hooray!
All in all, I’m really enjoying it here, and now it’s all started to settle down after the move I can start exploring a bit more, and maybe even finish that website redesign I’ve been threatening for the last few months.


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  1. Matt Wilcox posted 17min, 33sec after the entry and said:

    I’m aware the photo’s are slightly too large and the site looks broken. Worry not, this will be fixed in that redisign I was talking about. For now, try to ignor the ugliness. smiley icon: smile

  2. Thomas posted 2hrs, 33min, 27sec after the entry and said:

    Glad to see you enjoying yourself (cough cough) finally back from holiday. Got to walk around on the motorway a bit. When i eventuaally got on the computer it was strange. Mouse seems to move realley fast, plus the screens huge after watchin a tiny t.v.
    Well dad says i have to go bed (grrrrrrrr) so c ya.

  3. Thomas posted 1 days, 0hrs, 29mins after the entry and said:

    Well, ended up not going bed but worming my way in to stay up even longer by accepting mums offer of a drink of coffee and drinking it slowly. (HE HE) Then I had to go to bed.

  4. bootygirl posted 1 days, 19hrs, 12mins after the entry and said:

    Matthew please come home. Any ideas for dad’s bday yet?

  5. Matt Wilcox posted 1 days, 22hrs, 24mins after the entry and said:

    Please come home? No, not one yet.

  6. Ben posted 2 days, 20hrs, 29mins after the entry and said:

    hehe mat wilcox DOT com, the new family organisation board smiley icon: joke

  7. Matt Wilcox posted 2 days, 23hrs, 28mins after the entry and said:

    Tell me about it. I may end up ressurecting the forums if people end up trying to chat on the blog.

  8. Ben posted 3 days, 19hrs, 37mins after the entry and said:

    seriously ressurect away dude !! those forums rocked

  9. MegaDude posted 8 days, 20hrs, 33mins after the entry and said:

    Matt. Trev has fallen in love with your old mouse - where did it come from?

    P.S. I seriously hope you had stones in your pockets up on that hill. You could’ve got blown off. (Read that any way you like.)

  10. Matthew J. Ward posted 8 days, 21hrs, 18mins after the entry and said: smiley icon: smile
  11. Matt Wilcox posted 9 days, 3hrs, 25mins after the entry and said:

    That’s because my old mouse rocks hard. It’s a Logitech MX-1000, and it came from overclockers.co.uk for the princly sum of about fifty English pounds. So, about as much as one of those Apple mighty mouse’s. Mighty mice? Whatever the correct plural expression is.

    I miss those dual monitors. Oh how I miss those dual monitors. I tell you something else Mr Tim, the coffee here just isn’t the same (no offense Jay).

  12. MegaDude posted 9 days, 14hrs, 12mins after the entry and said:

    The coffee here just isn’t the same either. I only get one if I make it myself and you know what that means…

    Getting out of my chair! And that is reserved for mother nature alone. (Oh, and the buzzer when Leigh is on the phone.)

    My mouse is on the blink but what would I do with more than one button? Sometimes I think you live in some fantasy world of the future with talking computers and robots and high tech machines that clean the dust off your 45s, 33s and even 78s!

  13. Matt Wilcox posted 9 days, 16hrs, 33mins after the entry and said:

    You haven’t broken Trev yet? I’m both impressed at his resilliance and shocked at your inability to wear him down. Someone get Mr Tim a coffee!

    You really ought to read the write-ups for Apples new Mighty Mouse. It’s a truely ‘Apple’ take on a multi-button mouse - in that it still has only one button, but it works like it has many. Or at least two. smiley icon: laugh

    Oh, I’m under no illusion that this is some fantasy future. No robots do my dusting or ironing or washing. smiley icon: sad

  14. MegaDude posted 9 days, 17hrs, 31mins after the entry and said:

    Stubborn as an Ox that boy Trev, with the stamina of a camel between water holes.

    I’ve just made a coffee, got the door buzzer and answered a call (of nature) and now my legs are aching - should have come in my 118 118 jogging kit today.

    Keep blogin’

  15. MWF posted 10 days, 20hrs, 43mins after the entry and said:

    I loath my Logitec mouse, despite being the size and mass of a small car I still managed to hurl it at a chair with my wee man arms.

  16. Matthew J. Ward posted 10 days, 23hrs, 27mins after the entry and said:

    I have an MX1000 in Midnight Black, can’t knock it!!!!

  17. Matt Wilcox posted 11 days, 1hrs, 9mins after the entry and said:

    Chris, I can only assume that you’re just not a Logitech person, though does it not say something about biuld quality that despite facing your rage it still works good and proper?

    I broke with tradition this month and got myself a Microsoft wireless IntelliMouse 2 after discovering my logitech mouse had lost two feet during the trip to Llandudno. It was rocking like some grey haired Status Quo fan and had to be put down.

    *high fives Matt*
    Microsoft have a laser mouse out very soon though. Roumour says it’s technically far superior to the MX1000.

  18. Matt Wilcox posted 11 days, 1hrs, 10mins after the entry and said:

    I apologise for the above typos and intollerable bad grammar.

  19. MWF posted 11 days, 15hrs, 56mins after the entry and said:

    I’ve gone back to a cheap wired optical mice now. I had one of the early Logitech wireless mice which may have been an older design than yours. It’s so big I am never sure if I should hold it in my hand or straddle it like a horse.

    It worked a lot better after I threw it at a chair, it had a double click problem before.

    Joey has some fancy microsoft mouse, you can scroll horizontally and stuff. When I use it feels like someone has shot my arm with tranquilisers.

    I just no longer see the benefits of a wireless mouse for myself. I never need to use it further from a computer than the wire stretches and I have very nimble mouse control which a fat mouse compromises. For most people they are fine because to them a mouse is just a mouse, but for me it’s like trying to do ballet in a pair of army boots that have the laces tied together.

    Plus there’s the cost saving, I paid something like £80 for my Logitech MX desktop stuff and (for me) it’s just been a total waste of money. I don’t need all the extra buttons and I don’t need wireless. I also felt I was paying through the nose for a bit of spec rather than quality. The keyboard has all the movement delicacy of 5 chavs ram raiding a Spar in a LandRover. I’m sure for some people they are great and I guess I am too oldskool to adapt thesedays. I should never of bought it but the fashion at the time said I should, more fool me.

    I love the laptop keyboard on my Acer, it suits my little tiny hands. The Belkin mouse I had let me down though, oddly enough in the same way my Logitech did with the double click issue. When my mechine at work turned up it had a Genius keyboard and mouse and I wasn’t impressed. However the keyboard is belting with nicely spaced keys with a soft touch to them. The mouse is just a mouse and works fine at the moment.

    Of course sadly if the mouse does fail I can’t fix it by throwing it across the room because it’s not wireless.

    If I am ever in the position of buying a new keyboard and mouse again I think I’ll actually try a few first before commiting. I aren’t going to buy on spec with something so critically ergonomic.

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