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I'm still alive

Hey everyone. Just a quick post to let you all know that I’m still alive, everything is going well, and I’ve not abandoned the blog. My home phone line will be connected this Thursday (hopefully), and after that it’ll be a week or three before I get broadband, and then I’ll be back online. Work is going well, the flat is going just as well, and life in Wales is good.
Anyway, work calls, so in the words of Arnie:

I’ll be back.


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  1. Dirty Trick posted 3 days, 0hrs, 24mins after the entry and said:

    Don’t tell me work is getting in the way of blogging or driting off into the ocean of nymphets that inhabit interweb world?

    That never happened here, something is very wrong.

    So in the words of Arnieā€¦

    “I’m not a nursery nurse really, I’m a cop!”
    (Kindergarten Cop - 1990)

  2. Dirty Trick posted 3 days, 0hrs, 25mins after the entry and said:

    Does it normally take 3 days for someone to reply to one of your blogs?

    Matt says: Sometimes there are no replies at all Tim, it depends if I’ve said anything interesting or not.

  3. Thomas posted 11 days, 8hrs, 15mins after the entry and said:

    Yeh you may be back but it better not be here. I like MY room the way it is. Though my Star Wars poster has fallen down.

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