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A little bit of rant

I’ve just encountered the first downside to moving to Llandudno. My car insurance is at least 25% more expensive than it was before. I’d tell you exactly how much more it is per annum, but the ever-so-not-helpful Tesco insurance sales-person couldn’t tell me. I was simply told that my policy runs out very soon, and that the amended policy meant paying an additional £44 as a one off payment. I very much hope that £44 contains a £30 ‘amendment charge’, because if my policy is going up that much on a per-month basis Tesco can place their policy somewhere humiliating and inconvenient. I checked their online service as a comparison, and it is an extra £100/y on what I would have paid at home, but £100 spread over 12 months does not make a £44 amendment for policy cover for an additional month and a bit. smiley icon: frown

While I’m on the subject of cars and stupid prices, lets talk about petrol. The Americans are/were up in arms about paying $3 per gallon of the stuff, which was twice what they were used to paying. Come visit Britain my friends, where we regularly pay $7/gallon. Apparently there’s a petrol demonstration going on at the refinerys here, and lots of people decided to panic buy petrol, resulting in empty garages and large queues. What are these people thinking? There’s plenty of petrol, and if your car can’t go for a few days, or a week, without re-filling, then you really need to a) get a new car or b) learn to drive it properly or c) stop driving yourself and your overweight kids to/from school every day when school is a five minute stroll from your house.
Is it really such a big deal? Will your world end in the unlikely event that you can’t get petrol for a day or two?

Anyway, I’m supposed to be getting on with that very overdue redesign of this website, so I bid you adu, until next time.


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  1. MWF posted 14hrs, 35min, 14sec after the entry and said:

    It’s £14.20 more for me now. But I pay a lot more than £200 a year!

  2. Matt Wilcox posted 16hrs, 48min, 40sec after the entry and said:

    As do I sir, well over double that now, sadly.

  3. ben posted 1 days, 23hrs, 13mins after the entry and said:

    wow carnt be that much of a difference between bangor and llandudno ? (car insurance) im paying shall we say on the 400 mark for insurance, is it because u have now declared your parking on a street ? as parking on a drive brings it down somewhat

  4. MegaDude posted 14 days, 14hrs, 30mins after the entry and said:

    Talk about loyalty to your customers. I bet you haven’t made a claim either. You’re a year older and wiser* and more experienced and your car is worth less. (That’s worth less as opposed to ‘worthless’).

    Move on Matt, shop around. Always take out ‘Legal Protection’ though. That £12 we be all worth it if… well, you know just if…

    While we’re ranting, this guy I went to school with used to carry his dinner money in his sock and his ‘bully’ money in his pocket. He was 9 and I bet he is still paying over the odds in fear of the worst.

    See ya.

    *That’s a matter of opinion.

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