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crawling up the performance table

I turned up at uni and again found myself questioning why i bother. Yes, we learned sweet nothing again today, our lecturer readily admitting he had nothing to show us. Mostly on account that the data we need for our project still hasn’t been given to us, three WEEKS after it was timetabled to be handed to us. Fortunately i’m not the only person to be questioning whether there is any point to this degree. I’ve come to the conclusion that i’m £7k in debt, and it’ll cost me another £3k to complete the course…so i’m going to complete the course on principle alone.
The best bit is that while there’s nothing we can really do now, come three-six weeks time we’ll have the deadline for ALL our assignment, and we’ll only just have gotten round to working on them. Brilliant huh? smiley icon: frown
Anyway, it’s another Monday, which means it’s another Ship quiz. Fortunately this time we had a secret weapon - Chris! Yes, Chris decided he’d come join us in our weekly attempt to climb the scoreboard (hey - the only way is up!). So, Team Rocket (a reference to our ‘just born’ idea to create a rocket powered remote control car) sat around our usual table ready to battle it out in a contest of obscure knowledge gleaned from the decades before any of us were born. Oh yeah, our quizmaster likes to play fair…>-(
Anyway, Chris turned out to be no more better than any of us. More. More better. Anyways…we ended up coming second to last, which is an improvement, if not a great one. Ben managed to work Emma and Becky into nearly killing him with his constant flash photography throughout the night, but in the end he made it out alive. Barely. smiley icon: wink
While i’m writing the diary i shall also mention that Family Guy (series 2) is -really- funny. The baby and dog are just amazing, it’s really good ‘evil streak’ humour, and the surreal aspects work great! With that said i shall bid you adu. aux resevoir. ariva detchi. chin dow day. goodbye. see-ya. aufwiedersehn. chow. buh-bye.
Yeah OK - i’m short on things to say. Plus iv’e been on the PC all day learning 3DS MAX and it’s made my brain melt. Hey look - nearly filled up all that space! Wow, it’s amazing where pointless waffle can get you on a webpage. Oh - there we go. The bottom.

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