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Last night we were supposed to have gone to the leisure centre in Cheadle to play some basketball, but in the end we didn’t. We went tonight instead!
B-ball kicked off at 9:15 in the PM after we all met up at the leisure center, Emma tagging along to have a laugh spectating. Having parted with our money we then parted with our dignity by discovering just how unfit we’d really gotten (or at least i did, but it makes me feel better if i pretend it was everyone!). While only having a poxy corner of the court to play about in i feel a larger area would have been too much running about. We spent the next hour messing about and shooting. Our aim was improved by the end, thank god, and Mike only fell over once or twice, which is a good thing.
Emma clearly saw we were no threat and joined the melee early on, mostly standing at the back and shooting. All in all it was good fun, though next week we’ll hopefully be playing badminton instead, at the request of Em.
In the mean time i think it’s time i started exercising again. *eyes the set of weights* After the basketball was done we all departed for The Potter as Chris had been telling us on the discussion board that the beer in there had been markedly improved recently. We’d all stopped going there after getting fed up of dishwater for beer, but with this news we decided to give it a try again. We met Chris in there after having acquired the corner of the room with the sofa’s and TV, and i had a brief chat with James who was sat in there also. A good hour or so was had there talking and watching snippets of some weird horror flick.
Last orders came and went un-noticed so we decided to see if the Keys was still open in Tean - it wasn’t, so we went to the next best place - Tesco. Oddly enough we end up there a lot and buy snacks far too often. Mike has spent £15 there this week alone apparently. Once there we grabbed food and then i let Matt and Chris have a go of the ‘mighty’ Fiesta. They both laughed at the inability of my car to either accelerate or brake quickly, then Matt proceeded to break the handbrake (yes i’m whinging! smiley icon: joke). Em went home, the rest of us retired to Dawsons for an hour or more before all going home. Good night. smiley icon: smile

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